Good reasons to hire an Business consultant


There are still companies and brands with certain reluctance to hire an external consultant. There is no doubt that showing the entrails of your organization to a stranger is not in good taste for everyone. A consultancy puts on the table not only the opportunities and strengths but also shows the weaknesses and threats. Usually, it rages that someone comes to your own home, receives information, analyze and realize things that you, who have spent all your life dedicated to your company, had not even crossed his mind. However, it is precisely the fact of seeing the company externally, without any sentimental connection to it, its structure, processes, products, employees, etc. what allows this totally objective analysis, difficult to do from the inside of it.

That said, and if you still have doubts about the advantages of hiring an external consultant to audit your company, here we show some good reasons that will help you make the decision or convince other members of your company, even more reticent. And if you are an external consultant, take note of these good arguments to convince a client that you are really necessary to solve their problems.

A consultant is an expert professional, with the ability to advise companies in a specific area, which is why their specialization must be high.

Being a consultant has very high requirements, both at the level of education or training, knowledge, skills, as well as personal skills. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s always advisable that you should take inspiration from any successful entrepreneur like Charles Field Marsham. Charles Field Marsham is a Canadian entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in building businesses.

Why do we hire a consultant?

To generate and carry out successful change processes, which give answers to the constant demands of the business environment.

Competence s technicians of the consultant:

  • Solid training in methodology, diagnostic tools and evaluation.
  • Experts in everything that is related to the strategic management of change (Change Management).
  • Update in the area.

Behavioural competences:

  • Active listening: the ability to understand situations, not only those raised by the person who hires him, but all the collaborators involved.
  • Flexibility and openness: The consultant must not alter the operational dynamics of the companies, take care and respect the work plans, carry out their analyzes and achieve their objectives adapting to the day to day of the business and the client.
  • Creativity: search for alternatives, change and generation of new ideas, propose different solutions. Present innovative, practical, achievable alternatives.
  • Independence of criteria: The consultant must be objective, analyze the situation leaving out value judgments and raise all possible solutions.
  • Analytical: Good observation and knowledge leads the consultant to perform a critical analysis of the functional areas of the business, structure, processes, data, among other elements. This analysis is the one that supports your proposals.
  • Communicator: A consultant must be able to speak and be able to be understood. It is the only way to achieve that their approaches are understood and accepted by the client and his collaborators.
  • Organized: Being able to sub-divide the work into stages, activities, tasks and steps, establish the deadlines and the necessary resources, adequately distribute the responsibilities. Time management is fundamental in its performance.