Give Yourself a Gift Of Self-Love With Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs

Black obsidian yoni eggs

In this materialistic busy world, women are working hard to meet the ends and take care of their families. Today, a lot of women suffer from trauma, depression, and anxiety attacks. According to data collected by Statista, almost 50% of the women (between age group 18 to 34) were recorded with major depressive episodes in 2018. This data clearly indicates that women’s health is at risk and how they are suffering emotionally.

Some women may lose their self-worth realization and some may feel unwanted. Hence, depression or anxiety attacks are a danger to their love life as well as self-love. They start being upset, emotionally wrenched, spiritually disconnected, and in worse cases, suicidal thoughts embrace them. They become contemptible cowards to live miserable lives.

If you are feeling low and depressed, give yourself a gift of life- Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs. These eggs are very powerful and considered to be a master cleanser. It can be employed for exploring guidance or seeing into the future. It is very grounding and is related to the root chakra.

With each purchase of Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs, you get access to one-month free Lunar Yoga by Yoga with Kassandra that can help you dive into the sea of self-care and self-love via meditations and journaling exercises.

How Does It Work?

If you resonate with the power of the solar plexus, which is also recognized as the power chakra, you may get this stone serving to bring out your psychic gifts. It builds intuitions, insight, and ability to predict future events.

Once placed accurately, an ordering of Obsidian pieces on the body helps correct any problem in the flow of energy inside us. For this to be effective a rock crystal of choice should also be employed.

Obsidian is said to assist with increasing the power of the treat rheumatism, gout, adrenal glands, and kidneys, and help both female and male genital infections. All of the facts combined make it a perfect material for both yoni eggs as well as wands!

What Are The Benefits Of Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs?

Physical Healing

These kinds of eggs can provide complete support to recover you on a physical level. These eggs are primarily connected with the stomach and the digestive system. It can assist you to heal from problems such as gallbladder, intestines, and stomach. These black eggs are also best for recovering high blood pressure and overall heart wellness.

There are also plenty of advantages that you can get from this gem. It can assist your muscles to heal after trauma or sports, and it can even assist you to treat infections. Every day, this gem will support you in letting go of anxiety and tension and support you to enter a state of serenity and relaxation.

Plus, it can help you to understand the mental causes behind the physical illness. When it comes to the body, these crystals work quietly and steadily. If you are stable enough with it, you will hugely benefit from its presence in the long run.

Emotional Healing

Want to gift yourself and improve your love life in any way? Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs are perfect for you!

These black stones have protective energies and symbolize self-control, truth, and resilience.

Black eggs provide you with complete support to become less critical of yourself and others while becoming more stable and better able to work on your actual flaws. It will relax you from toxic feelings and hopeless negativity which is holding you back.

Once you feel more powerful and positive, there will be no place in your aura for jealousy and disappointment. Rather, you will be getting your energy from a dedicated source of Truth, which always makes release in the end.

Spiritual Healing

Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs are the fastest and most efficient when it comes to getting in tune with your aura. When you start using these eggs, it will latch on to any toxic, negative influences to your aura and help get rid of them.

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs will serve as a faithful protector of your spirit wherever it may travel and whatever journey it may choose to take. Your soul will be safe within the protective aura of Black Obsidian, providing you the freedom and space required to increase your spiritual identity and travel in required directions.

After long exposure to this gem, you will begin to feel its impacts on a spiritual level. You can see the changes in your own behavior. You will see yourself more positive and objective, free, and overall better than before. Moreover, you will experience more self-control and a more pleasant feeling of growth in life than before.

Well, black obsidian yoni eggs are great healing, earthing and protective stone. If you ever go through a traumatic experience and want to let go of negative energy from your body, then it is a perfect tool for you.