Get new experience of printing with Screen Printing

screen printing

Screen printing is gaining much popularity these days as compared to digital printing due to its high vibrancy level. Irrespective of the traditional method of printing it works well on dark fabric and results in more bright colors. In Screen printing also known as serigraph printing, a mesh-like mechanical device is used to transfer the ink onto a substrate with a blocking stencil. This type of printing is very effective is bulk printing. Also, the initial setup of serigraphy is easy in contrast to other techniques.  Traditionally this printing was used on silk clothes but nowadays we can see this printing on other types of fabrics especially on T-shirts. Let’s delve deeper and check those advantages as under:

There Are Numerous Advantages Of Screen Printing

  • High Quality: The foremost benefit of screen printing is that it assures high-quality printing whether it is on any cloth or on special products like bags, pens, notebooks and so on. The reason behind this is it uses thicker ink with more pigments that result in brighter colors. The latest screen printing hardware and materials come up with printers accompanied by the broader color palette and superior color saturation. Screen printing is broadly perceived as the capitulation of the best shading consequences of any business printing process. In addition, the latest screen printing technology is suitable for all types of inks used to print more richer and vibrant colors.

screen printing

  • More durability: Screen printing fabric lasts for a long time and hence resilient due to its ability of absorption and integration with the material of the fabric. Varnishing and added substances can be acquainted with inks to upgrade protection from UV beams, dampness, synthetic compounds, and scratching so screen-printed pictures can be utilized outside and in other cruel or extraordinary situations without blurring or wearing. Even if iron runs 100 times on screen-printed garment, it will be indestructible and smoother. Thus, it is much suitable for prints that are required over the long term as they do not wash away or fade away easily. For example, screen printing is more suitable for small things like credit cards and circuit boards where stability and durability of images are of high concern.
  • Adaptability: It is one of the best features of screen printing. This method is versatile on mostly all types of flat surfaces such as fabric, plastic, wood, metal etcetera. In addition, we can scale a single image upwards or downwards as we require. It means we can scale any graphic or business logo to cover the entire front of the Tshirt or just on a small area on the pocket. Thus, it saves time and cost to create multiple designs for different formats.

screen printing

  • Stubborn to optical performance: Screen printing can print the same shine irrespective of change in temperature or sunlight. Besides, this printing method is now being used to give special effects to the images to be printed on the fabric and other products. There are many factors supporting it like screen tension, squeegee sharpness and pressure of ink application.
  • Ideal for simple designs: This method is consummate if we want to print a simple text or design due to its solid color quality. A slope can also be attained with screen printing to get the brittle design.

screen printing

In the crux, with so many advantages such as flexibility and cost-effectiveness, everybody inclines towards the screen printing method as compared to other methods. Screen printing is favored for most types of high-volume realistic print generation.  If you want to find screen printing outlets in Melbourne, you can search them on the internet and get printed your imagination designs on your favorite fabric or product.