Foosball Buying Guide- The Ultimate Guideline

Foosball Buying Guide

Foosball is one of the most addictive soccer games in recent times. It has added a new charm to our gaming room. If you’ve ever been in a pub or game room, chances are high that you would’ve seen or played a foosball table. The foosball game is a source of tremendous fun with friends and family. So, it is very exciting to have a new foosball table in your gaming stock. But if you’re a fresher in this pipeline, you might have failed to get the best value of money purchasing a foosball table. I recommend you to read our foosball buying guide to meet your demand within your budget. I am going to reveal the factors what you should consider before buying a foosball table.

Foosball Buying Guide- The Ultimate Guideline

You will find several brands in the market that produce different structured foosball tables. But you have to be aware of some significant aspects before buying a money worthy Foosball Table.


Does size matter? Of course it. If you want a standard size foosball table, you can go for a 56-inches long and 30-inches wider table. Experts recommend having a playing space must be of 7-feet by 8-feet on an average for your full-size foosball table.

Counterbalanced Men

Counterbalanced players play a vital role in the best game-play. You can set them in a horizontal position when you like to take shots to the opponent’s goal. You’ll enjoy a much better game if your table comes with counter-weighted men on the playing rods.

Goalie Configuration

There are two goalie options in a foosball table. Some tables come with one goalie and some others prefer three goalie configurations. You should keep in mind that most of the high-end tables feature three goalie configuration that you can easily convert it into one man goalie according to your preference.

Table Levelers

Table levelers are also important for experiencing a great foosball game. You can easily level the foosball table adjusting the levelers and find an even play-field. It ensures a smooth and fair play.

Playing Rods

You also shouldn’t compromise with playing rods. Hollow steel rods are the most preferable because they boost up your game for enjoying fast-paced gameplay. They are light in weight and you can easily perform your shots without losing your balance.

Playing Surface

You should examine the playing surface to figure out how fast the ball will travel. A solid and smoother playing surface ensures a faster speed and precise ball control. you don’t need to go for a slick surface.


The materials are used in making a foosball table have a great impact on the lifespan of it. Wood and metal are always preferable than plastic. The quality build constructions provide durability and can withstand for many years to come.

Buying By Player Skill Level

If you are new and want to step into this new world, you will go for the beginners level foosball tables. So, to buy a foosball table, measure your skill which option is going to meet up your budget and expectation as well.


In this category, you’ll find the cheap particle board models that might suit the beginners. You don’t have to spend more money on getting a table for the beginners. You can always upgrade a foosball table by replacing the parts only if you think that mid-level tables offer the quality features you desire to have.


If you desire to purchase a foosball table for intermediate players, you should go for the tables which cost $500 or a little less. In this category, you will find durable composite construction, solid steel rods, a flat playing surface and some other valuable features that found n high-end tables.


The tables in this category provide high-quality features and designed to build last. The tables have high-end features and most of them are tournament quality tables. They have all the features that a serious fooser want to have in his foosball table. Overall, I would recommend you to do a research on it and go for buying your desire foosball table. It will give you the best value of money and mental satisfaction as well.