Five Things to Consider When Booking a Meeting Venue

Booking a Meeting Venue

The millennial generation seeks individuality in whatever they do and even in meeting and conferencing spaces they occupy. Therefore, booking a meeting venue and event space in Dubai leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your guests.

A venue plays a crucial role in the outcome of any event. Thus organisers look for options that are welcoming for their guests and attendees. Nobody would like to book a venue that would spoil the entire show. Every function has a different requirement. To look for a site that meets all your requirement is not always straightforward. If you are looking for a venue for an international conference or corporate event, or corporate meeting and products launches, you will need an impressive place with a large-scale affair. On the other hand, you will require a bespoke option for small arrangements like company meetings.

Here are five things to consider when booking the perfect conference and meeting rooms in Dubai:

  1. Cost

Cost is an essential factor when you plan to find a venue to organise an event or meeting. Unless you know your budget, you won’t find out the options available to you. First, fix your budget, then it will be easier for you to decide on locations. Also, make sure you have done some prior research online to get a sense of the current rates for specific localities and areas. It is essential to find a venue that offers value for money. Also, check if the venue carries any hidden costs and ask for all of the prices without hesitation. Finally, make sure you visit the place before booking a meeting venue.

  1. Availability

Availability is another essential factor that you must consider before booking. Find out what number of guests the site can accommodate comfortably. It is crucial that your guests do not find the place convenient and might even end up disappointed.

Moreover, there are times and seasons when meeting venues are busy. So, make sure you have planned ahead and not waiting for the last-minute rush.

  1. Location

Your event venue must be located close to public transport facilities or at least is easily accessible from all the parts of the city. This way you can eliminate many problems, that is transporting people to and from your venue. An ideal location should be no more than 10-15 minutes travel from the nearest transport and accommodation facility, be it by train, bus/car/bike or walk. Probably the venue will offer on-site parking, but you must be prepared for all kinds of situations.

  1. Amenities

In today’s digital world, the interactivity of your venue is very crucial. When you visit the location to assess its facilities available, make sure it has all the resources you need to make your meeting interactive and successful. Check for audio-visual facilities that include – digital projectors, flip charts and interactive whiteboards. All decent venues will possess these along with unlimited Wi-Fi. Also, check if they have open space for casual meets, comfortable seating arrangements, a lounge area to relax if breaks are allowed between the programs. Moreover, if the venue provides a food and beverage facility, that will make a big difference.

  1. Flexibility

The flexibility of the site you book for meetings or conferences is again a vital factor that you cannot ignore these days. The number of guests and attendees can increase and even decrease. So, you might need more space than you had booked and then you will either have to move your chairs and tables to make it available for all or you might even have to increase your space. So, ensure you have booked a space that allows you this flexibility, and you can tailor the surroundings to your liking.