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kraft bags wholesale

Kraft bags wholesale is one of the best types of gift packaging because these boxes are very soft and customer friendly. If you want to know the advantages of these bags for gift packaging or anything else you can read the article thoroughly. We all use to give gifts to our loved ones. Their special days in which we need proper packing of the present.

A gift never becomes surprised unless we don’t pack it in beautiful packing. This specific type of preparation is called gift packing. Some people use to give tips to their loved ones in gift boxes, and some use gift bags. If we talk about gift bags, then kraft gift bags are the most popular bags that are being used for gift packing. In another way, kraft boxes are not only used for gift packing but also other types of packaging. We can also use these bags as shopping bags because of their suitable nature to carry the shopping. Kraft boxes are also handy because there is a vast use of these packaging boxes. People use to pack the shipment and different types of products in the craft packaging boxes.

The nature of kraft material is very environment-friendly and natural. Therefore, they are handy anywhere for anything. But there are some points due to which we can prefer to use kraft bags to inspire of kraft boxes.

Why Kraft bags & Why not kraft boxes?

  • Look
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Easy manufacturing


If we see the look of the kraft bags and kraft boxes, we find a sharp difference. Because kraft gift bags are quite beautiful than of the kraft boxes.

Moreover, the style of the bags is very stylish and inspiring that seems so unique and useful. There are lovely styles and types of kraft bags that can make the gift packaging very stunning and beautiful. By using gift bags in spite of gift boxes, we can do something different from the traditional gift packaging. It is a sweet and decent type of surprise gift that people much appreciate. The packaging companies produce gift bags in customization where the customer can design their gift bag according to their requirements and demands. It makes the packaging more exciting and beautiful.


The manufacturing cost and the price of the kraft gift bags are very affordable as compared to the kraft boxes. Therefore people have started using gift bags that are beautiful as well as cheaper in price. Due to low manufacturing cost, the amount of the kraft bags is automatically small because the machines that are used for manufacturing the bags are cheaper than of the box manufacturing machines.

Easy to carry:

We all know that the kraft bags are quite easy to carry as compared to the kraft boxes. Because there is a unique packing with a handle on it from which is made to take the bags. At a time we can keep more than 5 to 6 bags whereas this limit is very short in the case of gift bags.


If we talk about the weight of both packaging kraft gift bags and kraft gift boxes, we will find a vast difference. This is because the weight of kraft bags is very fewer than of the kraft boxes. In this way, the packaging becomes more specialized and effective. This is one of the best reasons due to which we can use bags instead of boxes for gift packaging.

Easy to store:

The retailers or manufacturers, when requiring a large number of packaging material they need a specific and ample space to save it. But if they produce packaging bags, they will require very fewer space to store them as compared to the packaging boxes. Whereas, the packaging boxes are always bigger in shape even when folded, so there is more room require to store or keep the packaging boxes in the shop or factory.

Easy manufacturing:

The expert packaging manufacturers say that manufacturing the kraft gift bags is quite easy if we compare it with the kraft boxes. The process of bags producing is very short due too, which it becomes easy to create. Every manufacturer will try to create things that are easier and cheaper to produce & manufacture.

These are the main reasons due to which you can choose the kraft bags instead of using kraft boxes for packaging or gift packing. You can get some advantages by using bags for gift packaging. So if you are a retailer and you sell gift products to the customers, you can order kraft boxes in wholesale to your packaging company.