Fifth Shrub of Aquarius on Magha Purnima, Know-Importance and Auspicious Moment


Tuesday, February 9, 2019, that is today the full moon is Magh. Today the fifth bath of Kumbh Mela 2019 is also being done. Know- What is the auspicious time of bathing on the Magh Purnima and what to do after bathing this day.

This time coincidence of Artha Kumbh is also made on Magh Purnima. On the day of Magha Purnima, bathing in aqua is being done. Magh Purnima is there in Magha Nakshatra. It is believed that during this time, bathing the Ganga results in liberation in this birth. It is also beneficial to take bath with bath water in bath water. It is believed that those who take a bath on Magh Purnima are specially pleased with Shri Krishna. At the same time, Lord Krishna pleased and blessed the person with the blessings of wealth, happiness and prosperity and salvation.

Beware of natural calamities in Super Moon-

There are three super-moons in this year’s series. Paush Purnima has passed. It is the second largest super moon on February 19th. Moon has been named Snow Snowflake Moon. At 4 o’clock the moon will be very close to the Earth. The moon will be 7 times bigger. Will be 15 times more shiny. This will be followed by the third super moon on March 21. Holi will also be played that day.

Manga purnima will get salvation from Ganga bath-

  • After worshiping Shiva Vishnu after Ganga bath.
  • Havan or Jap
  • Donate grain, clothes, fruits, utensils, ghee, jaggery, water jars.
  • By doing this, you will get rid of all the sins. This will give them salvation.

Money from Magha Purnima bath will be beneficial-

  • After bathing, pay attention and worship.
  • The land, house, vehicle,
  • children will get happiness.

Kalpavas will be over-

The tradition of Kalpavas is coming from the ancient times at the Sangam site of Ganga-Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati in Prayagraj. In the pilgrimage Prayag, near the confluence of the Hindu Magh, we celebrate in the month. Kalashvas starts with Paush Purnima and ends with Maghi Purnima.

This Kalpvas also ends with bath on the full moon day of Magh. In this month the confluence of the Goddesses dwells on the shore. This increases the importance of Kalpavas. It is believed that physiological problems are overcome due to the river bathing in Brahma Muhurat on Magh Purnima. On this day donating sesame and blankets gives freedom from hell.

What to do after bathing with the Ganges water-

  • Salute the sun god after bath.
  • O chanting loudly, O Chorai surnai Namah mantra.
  • Make the sun rise. After this, take the pledge of Magh Purnima fasting.
  • worship Lord Vishnu.
  • After worship, do charity Dakshina and use specially black mole in donation.
  • Offer havan and ancestors from black sesame.
  • Avoid lying on this day.