Factors Affecting the Cost of Scaffolding

In a world today, do you see workers standing on a ladder balancing themselves to build a house? No! Right? Those days are gone when most of the time was spent juggling on a ladder. This is a world of scaffolding! Where workers get a safe environment to work and focus. By now, you must be well aware of the concept of scaffolding, but understanding the typical costs are a little complex. The cost of scaffolding depends on the duration until the scaffolding structure is erected and many other factors. Here you will find all the cost relevant information that you need to know, so stay with us to understand which factors affect the cost and how much money you should keep aside for scaffolding. There are numerous factors influencing the price of scaffolding; that is why it becomes hard to estimate the real cost without identifying the ins and outs of your needs.

Factors affecting the cost of scaffolding

Are you thinking that you wouldn’t need scaffolding as you are just doing a home extension? Whether you are getting a small home extension or building a property from scratch, you will need scaffolding! As you would want to know the estimated cost, let us walk you through the factors that affect the scaffolding cost. 

How long will scaffolding be need? 

The foremost cost variable that will be understandable by any layman is the duration of the scaffolding required. The length of scaffolding being erected can last from one to eight weeks or more depending on the duration of the project. Longer the duration, the higher the cost!

Where is your project located?

Location may sound a very small factor, but it actually matters a lot! If you are hiring a scaffolding job in a city like London, it can cost you three times more than setting up in a rural area. That’s a huge difference, isn’t it? Let’s face it, everything in London is so expensive, including transportation, labor cost, cost of material, and many other factors.  

How high is your project?

The height of the scaffolding structure is another major factor affecting the cost of scaffolding. Higher your building is, more metal poles and the wooden board will be required, thus increasing cost. It may sound obvious as scaffolding is required for heights, but the difference in height jumps up the cost. 

How many levels you need

This is connected to height, and if you are painting a house rather than renovating or building, you will need more levels and walkways of scaffolding for this type of task. More levels, more cost! 

Additional requirements 

Certain complex projects with technical problems require special walkways that need to be created on the traditional layout of the scaffolding structure. The additional material and equipment used for this requirement raise the cost. 

Restriction to public access 

Some projects are required to be set up on a public road or footpath for which approval needs to be taken from the local council. This adds up to the cost as it prolongs the duration of the project. It is better to get permission before engaging the scaffolding company.   

Easily accessible 

The cost of scaffolding varies greatly when it comes to how easily accessible your building is. If the scaffolding frame is set up quickly and efficiently, you can expect low costs, especially for a pay-day rate. If the scaffolding has to be maneuvered through tight passages or building, then expect the cost to go up.