Specifications of Eco Friendly Packaging For Christmas 2021


The custom eco-friendly boxes are perfect for the packaging of different types of products. They are prepared from materials such as cardboard, corrugated stock, or Kraft stock, which makes them 100% recyclable and reusable. With a higher decomposition rate and having reduced carbon footprint, they do not pollute the environment at all. They possess high strength, and their sturdiness ensures the complete protection of the fragile products inside from damaging elements like humidity, temperature, dust particles, etc. They are perfectly anti-toxins and allergen-free as well. When used in food packaging, they help to retain the freshness of food items for longer periods. They are cost-effective shipping tools as they do not weigh much and are also highly cost-effective. Their surfaces are not rough but are perfectly smooth and shiny, which can best support all types of printing techniques like spot UV, lithography, digital printing, etc.

As the competition is becoming fiercer in the market, your business needs to use custom eco friendly boxes for packaging gifts at the event of Christmas. This will make a psychological impact on the consumers who are becoming more and more conscious about the environment. Are you wondering what should be the specifications of eco-friendly packaging for Christmas? If so, check out the following amazing tips.

Use Eco-Friendly Inks:

This is something special when you are using custom printed eco-friendly boxes for Christmas. Traditional petroleum-based inks emit some volatile organic compounds which are very harmful to the environment as well as the users. Use soy-based inks for printing on the packages as soy is obtained naturally and does not harm the ecosystem and its habitat. Also, it is much cost-effective than petroleum-based ink. Any color scheme and design printed on the custom printed eco-friendly boxes will become more vibrant and stand out from all the competitors.

Christmas-Themed Colors:

As you know, Christmas is all about happiness, and everyone tries to bring happiness to others’ lives on this occasion. Therefore, bring happiness to the customers by using Christmas-themed colors, i.e., red and green, on your eco-friendly packaging boxes. Most people around the world send valuable gifts on Christmas in these packages so; these boxes should not look ordinary. Everything on the event of Christmas is decorated in the green and red color. So use these colors in your packages to get a psychological advantage. These colors show love and affection for others. Therefore, why not use these colors in your eco-friendly boxes for sending Christmas gifts? They will show your love and affection to your loved ones. Anything that is red and green is definitely going to grasp the attention of potential consumers.

Reduce Waste With Creative Packaging:

Perfectly measure the Christmas products or gifts and design eco-packaging such that it fits perfectly around them. When your packaging is short or too long, it does not look creative and provides a bad impression. Designing the perfect packages according to the size of Christmas gift products will not only assist you in reducing the waste, but they will also look more creative and innovative. Also, the products will be safe from any kind of risk or damaging elements.

Minimal Is Maximal:

Following minimalism is always the best option when you are designing packaging for Christmas. The minimalist green packaging designs cost you less and allow you more space for storage. Remember, minimalist designs can be harder than complex ones. They require great thought as they act as a silent salesman for your business and serve the role of an effective communicator to the potential clients. The customers are too busy, and they hate the recyclable boxes when they are printed with too much or confusing information. The minimalist design keeps the message or information simple and makes it digestible. The abundant white space on your packages will help you in effective branding and make Christmas gifts more visible and prominent in the market.

Biodegradable Wrapping:

Biodegradable boxes USA Company provides different biodegradable wrapping for the effective packaging of Christmas gifts. For instance, you can use Furoshiki, which is a Japanese biodegradable wrapping cloth used to carry belonging as a wrapping for your Christmas gifts. Similarly, you can use Kraft paper, which is highly recyclable and biodegradable and provides your gifts with an updated and creative look. Christmas is the time to rattle through all your gift boxes and any other recyclable boxes you have, for instance, cardboard delivery packages. If they do not look effective and good anymore, this is the time to freshen them up. You can use eco-friendly colors, tissue paper, Kraft paper to make your eco-friendly packaging wholesale look like new.

Educate Your Customers:

In the end, let’s be honest, you can use any eco-friendly packaging idea as mentioned above, but it would be of no use or not have any effect on the consumers in the market unless they do not know about it. In your sustainable packaging design for Christmas, spare some space to educate the consumers. Provide your customers with clear instructions on how to compost, recycle, or reuse the packaging. You can print this information either on the packages or by adding some inserts. There are various other resources as well for this purpose, such as creating a social media page to inform or dropping emails.

The custom eco-friendly boxes can be designed perfectly according to the theme of Christmas. Firstly, use eco-friendly inks to make sure that your Christmas-themed colors and designs are vibrant. Follow the principle of minimalism to make the products inside the packages more visible. In the end, educate the people about your packaging idea.