PriorAuth Online Easing all your Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior Authorization Problems

orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization

Even though the process of prior authorization is very complicated and time-consuming it still can’t be eliminated.  In a survey conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), the healthcare providers stated 90% experienced delayed in the treatment because of the delayed and wait time of the prior authorization process.  In fact, despite putting so much effort and time, as physician spends an average 16 hrs per week completing the authorization process still it finds a way for the delay in the authorization process. According to Annals of Internal Medicine, in a recently published article states that for every hour that a physician is spending on seeing their patients, nearly two additional hours is spent on doing the paperwork for the patient’s treatments.

Despite carefully investing time on the prior authorization process, there are few reasons why it ends being delayed:

  • Lack of adequate resources
  • Delay in the submission of authorization
  • Lack of operation report
  • Lack of proper follow-up
  • Inexperience staffs
  • Usage of primitive methods

Way Out to your Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior Authorization:

However, with Sunknowledge Services Inc a 360-degree medical billing solution has all way out to prior authorization problems with PriorAuth Online. Sunknowledge PriorAuth Online not only ease your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization but also excel in providing authorization for 27 other specialties.

Sunknowledge PriorAuth Online ensure regular feedback and collaboration sessions and 24-48 hrs response back time on receiving a denial. it also ensures daily robust reporting mechanism, identifying areas of improvement, creating tools to improve productivity with proper operational transparency during the process along with 100% prior authorization submission on the same day. So now forget all your worries for orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization when Sunknowledge is here.

A next-gen medical billing organization ensuring 80% operational cost reduction and providing task-specific activities only at $7 per hour that too with a no binding contract is definitely worth a try. For more information on how Sunknowledge’s experts can help you ease your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization with effective revenue generation, call the experts.