Do These 9apps Cause Any Malware Or Other Threats?


The applications are the necessary ones for Smartphone users. The many people use the plays tore which is the inbuilt one to find the new applications. But this play store will not able to provide all applications free of cost. So to avoid this kind of problem the mobile users started to use the 9apps. This is much helpful for them as this available free of cost and also the applications that are downloaded from it are free. This app store supports a number of languages.

Why prefer 9apps?

The 9apps is the popular one among the mobile user as this is having the millions of the applications in it. You never miss any kind of application and also the categories and the subcategories that are available in the user interface of the application are very much helpful for the mobile user to download the files without any problem. The application is completely frère that even the paid applications that are available in the Google play store are free of cost. This is much time saving one for the people as they can able to pick the app as quickly as possible with the help of the search bar. Even you can look into the categories that are provided to view the new arrivals and the trending applications.

Apps like gaming, social media, photo editor, video editor, banking, and many others are available and also all aged people can find their own suitable app. The most famous video downloader application Vidmate is also available in this app store. These kinds of applications are downloaded with the help of this app store. It does not require any additional information and also it is completely legal. This is much convenient for the users as they can able to use the application even in the slow internet connection. Also, it does not require much space in the mobile.

What are the features of the 9apps?


This app store never ruins the performance of other applications in the mbi9le. Also, you can able to do multitasking. It has the ability to run in the background and never reduces the speed of the operating system.

User Interface

This is the application that is having an attractive user interface. The theme and color of the user interface will attract the audience. Also, they can able to change them as per their choice. It is also much comfortable for them to navigate without any problem.

Fast download

This app store allows the user to download millions the application and there is no limit. Also, the user can able to get the group of the applications at the same time. You can able to control them using the download manager.

Skip the installation

This is the main feature where the user can able to download the applications first and then skip the installation process later. This kind of option is available in the setting of the app. This means that all your favorite apps are downloaded first and then install them later.