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DME Prior Authorization
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Being a next-gen medical billing and collection organization, Sunknowledge Service Inc has developed its very own prior authorization platform ‘PriorAuth Online‘.

Conquering the rising DME industry, PriorAuth Online for DME prior authorization ensures a complete operational transparency during the authorization process.

Reducing the overall operational costs, optimizing complex DME prior authorization processes with the help of our experienced experts along with suitable automation and resources; PriorAuth Online implements a better denial management method while overcoming all the hindrances in the path of a successful DME prior authorization.

Serving as the operational extension for many leading names in the industry and incorporating the best practices of the leading practice management systems in the marketplace, PriorAuth Online today has the ability to provide out of the box tailored customized prior authorization solutions for more than 20 specialties. Setting a strong benchmark for quick reimbursements, streamlining the prior authorization process and lowering your operational costs; PriorAuth Online offers task-specific services only at $7 per hour.

In fact for successful cash flow in the long run for your DME prior authorization, our experts right from sharing/collection of information needed for the process, including back and forth communication with important documents as well as doctor’s office follow-up, patient calls, contacting the insurance, updating the outcome in PM/ billing system of client;  takes the complete responsibility.

With a 100% client satisfaction and zero attrition record in the last 10 years, we are the only RCM organization offering pre-billing support. Offering a seamless proficiency in authorization initiation, follow-up, and approval, PriorAuth Online has a complete understanding of prior authorization process, its complex prior authorization rules and regulation and also the claims adjudication mandates of the industry.

Ensuring the highest productivity metrics, we also have other benefits like a 99.9% accuracy rate, no cost dedicated manager etc and even excellent client reference as an added advantage.

Analyzing the major pain areas in the DME prior authorization process and how a 360-degree effort, with seamless processes, can provide end-to-end support; PriorAuth Online today is the one-stop prior authorization destination. For more information on how our experts can bring a difference to the table, for your DME prior authorizations get in touch with us over a ‘no commitment call‘.

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