Simplifying all Your DME Eligibility Verification

Enteral Nutrition Prior Authorization

Sunknowledge Services Inc a complete healthcare revenue cycle management with an understanding of recent industry regulation and the immediate claims adjudication mandates has special capabilities when it comes to delivering stand out support in DME eligibility verification.

Knowing eligibility verification plays a vital part in a revenue generation, our experienced experts offer a full range of verification services with a fast turnaround of 24 hours. In fact, our resources take extra effort in detailed documentation in maintaining the 99.9% accuracy rate.

Our DME eligibility verification covers:

  • Policy active for date of service
  • DME coverage
  • Copay / Coinsurance / OOP
  • Rx & Dx entry (with appropriate timeframe)
  • Provider status (INN / OON)
  • CSI check
  • Authorization requirement
  • Obtaining authorization
  • Patient responsibility

Sunknowledge Services a 360-degree billing destination:

Excelling in both pre and post-billing activities which start with order entry. Followed by eligibility verification doctor office follow- up and patients calling for relevant documents, authorization, order confirmation and scheduling of delivery all are done by our expert. Even Claims creation and management, cash posting, A/R follow-up and rejection and denial management comes under Sunknowledge activities. Offering a standalone/end to end services with a service charge of $7 per hour or 2.75% of the collection we are the cost-effective solution decreasing the operation cost by 80%.

Other benefits which we offer:

  • Complete Operational transparency with the highest productive metric
  • Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol
  • 100% prior authorization submission on the same day
  • Ensure 97% highest collection rate with 30% shrink in your AR bucket
  • Dedicated account manager 24*7 for all billing assistance
  • Uniform importance is given to every account irrespective of size, age or claims value.
  • No write-offs or adjustment are claims without the client’s consent
  • Hiscox Insurance covers $1 million for Errors of Omission and Commission

Therefore call us over a ‘no commitment call’ for your DME eligibility verification and see the difference we bring to the table by increasing your cash flow and streamlining your operation.