Discover how an Art Hanging System can Inspire You

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After spending several frustrating hours trying to hang a collection of paintings in their home, friends told me they thought hanging pictures was an art form in itself. Trying to space out the pictures, hang them at the right height and minimise damage to the wall was driving them crazy!

Yes, you’ve guessed it, they were doing it the old way with hammer and nails, tape measure, pencil and a whole lot of bad language!

Now, if they had told me what they had planned I would, of course, recommended using a proper art hanging system – but they didn’t ask!

Picture Hanging Solutions

I reckon watching people hanging art is quite fascinating and should qualify for a grant for studying human behaviour! I can guarantee no two people will hang the pictures the same. The trouble is, with the hammer and nails approach, getting it wrong is a big problem. Not only do you have to start over, but you’re left with holes in the wall to fill in.

The good news is, there are now picture hanging solutions out there that can avoid all of these problems and frustration. The only thing you actually have to attach to the wall is the purpose-design track, and that only requires a couple of screws.

After that, it’s child’s play!

An art hanging system from a supplier such as Gallery Systems UK comes with everything you need to get the job done quickly and easily. First, you attach the track to the wall, up to the top, close to the ceiling. Then you attach your choice of hangers and hooks.

For example, hangers come in clear tape and stainless steel cable. The hooks, which simply slide onto the hangers, can be push-button or Allan key. There’s even a traditional picture rail system for those who love a more traditional look.

Once you’ve got your kit, the following tips will help you create a fantastic display.

Grouping your Pictures

A little bit of planning at this stage will make the rest of the process a breeze. The easiest way to do this is to gather all the pictures you want to hang on that wall and lay them out on the floor. Then just move the pieces around until you find a grouping you like.

There’s no special skill required; it’s more a case of seeing what sizes and shapes fit best together.

Some people group their pictures by colour, some by frame design and colour, others by picture content, for example, portraits, landscapes and so on.


This one always makes me smile. The experts will say, always hang your paintings at eye level. The question is, whose eye level? I usually visualise the wall as being split into thirds horizontally, and I hang the main piece one-third down from the ceiling. From there, the other pictures can radiate out.

Art Hanging System

Everything goes in cycles, they say – and they’re right! Centuries ago, grand properties all had picture rails, generally made out of plaster. Large brass hooks would be looped over the rail to hold the hangers and hooks. Simple.

Then, as with most things in life, it got complicated. Before long, there were all sorts of ways to hang artwork, including nails, hooks, even adhesive hooks. None of them was that satisfactory. Of course, art galleries, museums and large buildings all used professional picture hanging solutions. And now, these systems are affordable and available to use in your home and office.

Whilst today’s art hanging systems are more high-tech, the principle is the same as it was all those centuries ago.

Art Hanging System

Hanging art in your home is a great way of bringing it to life. Art adds colour and texture, starts conversations and is a real focal point. Depending on the colour and style, art has the ability to make a cold room feel warm, a small room appears large and a huge room appears cosy.

Art expresses who you are and is a key part of good interior design when properly hung. The elegant new picture hanging solutions add style to any home, particularly modern, minimalist designs, as well as function.

Hanging art in the office not only looks good but is also shown to boost productivity. It also inspires creativity whilst reducing stress and anxiety. Research carried out in the UK found that people working in a bare environment were 17% less productive than those working in an ‘enriched’ environment, filled with art and plants.

In much the same way, hanging art in your home is shown to create a sense of happiness and well being, reduce stress and stimulate creativity. It’s an ice-breaker when friends visit and an inspiration for everyone in the household, especially children.

With all that in mind, isn’t time you ditched the hammer and tape measure and switched to a professional art hanging system?