Dipak Nandi MD: Telemedicine Benefits for Psychiatric well Being of Covid 19 Patients

Dipak Nandi
Dipak Nandi

The mental or psychological impact of the coronavirus has to be recognized alongside physical symptoms. An adverse consequence that includes anxiety and depression has been widely predicted and still to be accurately measured.

The Covid -19 survivors appear to be at a higher risk of psychiatric issues. Patients with no previous psychiatric history, with a diagnosis of the disease, have been associated with an increased incidence of a psychiatric diagnosis. Symptoms like insomnia, anxiety disorders as well as dementia are associated with the same.

Addressing psychiatric challenges

Telemedicine has emerged as a pioneer to provide mental health services in the context of patient isolation. It reduces the operational costs, eliminates the risk of physical contact, and ensures the well being of the patients. Dipak Nandi MD, is of the view that remote patient monitoring services alongside telemedicine are unparalleled in managing the psychological well being as well as take care of acute and post-acute health needs of patients.

As reimbursements become the same with telemedicine and face-to-face visits, the adoption is only going to increase in the coming days. Triggered by the recent pandemic situation, remote patient monitoring services can be provided to both new as well as established patients.

Robust growth is a certainty

According to Dipak Nandi MD, the rising population and the need to expand access to healthcare, and the ability to reduce operational costs, telemedicine is the way forward for the entire globe. Especially the expansive growth in the space of software and services in the remote patient monitoring market is accelerating the growth potential of the same.

Surely the pandemic has been one of the contributors but not all.  Dipak Nandi MD believes that the entire market for RPM and telemedicine is expected to double up in the next five years. A quality partner offering telemedicine services helps you improve your patient intake ratio and reducing operational expenses considerably.

How can a telemedicine partner adds value

Dipak Nandi opines that even if your organization is trying to explore its first telemedicine program, or if you are looking to know whether the one you are using is the best fit, a careful evaluation is the need of the hour. Making sure that you have all the details in place, what to look for can make or break the success of the remote patient monitoring partnership.

In most cases, a destination offering a seamless platform that is payer neutral is critical. It also should have an inbuilt EMR, medical billing as well as mHealth capabilities offering easy installation and no cost or out of pocket expenses for the patients. Also, the entire program should offer easy transition and customizable so that it can meet any provider’s protocols and functional best practices.

Telemedicine today has manifold advantages like reducing readmissions, emergency room wait times, improve patient satisfaction and decrease transportation costs. It also maximizes transportation costs and decreases ER visits with immediate access. Scalable telemedicine solutions are the need of the hour and a provider who is looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape must invest in serious opportunities available in the marketplace.