How to Develop Live Video Streaming App: Important Steps to Follow

Video Streaming App

Video streaming is the king of media these days. With each passing year, along with popularity, the number of installs and downloads also keeps on increasing. This is because more and more businesses are investing in this field and creating their video streaming app development. If you are a business owner wanting to build your app, you need to acquire some basic knowledge and the process of developing it as well. Once you know how this entire system works, you will be able to make the app a massive success.

Steps to Follow While Developing  A Video Streaming App

1) Choose your team of mobile app developers

Before you jump in, you need to search for an experienced team of mobile app developers who can build an app from the scratch. If your plan is to develop an app and maintain it regularly to make it successful in the future, hiring an in-house team of developers is an ideal choice. Hiring a team can be a bit expensive but highly beneficial in the long run.

2) Pick Your CDN

CDN stands for content delivery network. It is one of the most important steps to follow if you plan to scale your server and develop a live streaming app. It might be of utmost importance at the moment but think of the future as it will be highly useful in the future. You will definitely need to invest a bit more at the moment and it will all be paid off in the future. Content delivery will be flawless and without any interruption. Consult top mobile app development agency and they will help you make the right decision.

3) Choose Reliable Hosting

One of the must-haves for a live video streaming application is fault-tolerant hosting which will ensure smooth streaming services for your users. Quality of hosting might not be of utmost importance at the beginning of the app. However, once the app gets popular, multiple users will be watching the same video at the same time. Reliable hosting and strong server infrastructure will ensure quality video delivery to all the users using the app. A ready-made cloud solution like Amazon S3 is a good choice. 

4) Storage

When you are developing a video streaming app, your content should be stored in a secure place. Proper storage will allow the users to watch videos without failures and unexpected interruptions. It is known that Cloud services are a perfect fit for live video streaming app development. They are budget-friendly and scalable.

5) Amazing Design

It is a well-known fact that a first impression means a lot. Your app’s first impression is created from the design. Hence, mobile app design plays a significant part in attracting users. So, hire an experienced mobile app designing company that can provide an amazing design that will attract and engage the users of the app. You can check out your competitors’ apps and see what kind of design they have created. Also, check out the top trends of UI/UX design and try to follow them and integrate them into your design. It is advisable to hire mobile app development company that delivers both design and development services.

6) Testing is Compulsory

Users won’t be using your app if it is buggy and full of errors. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have plenty of video streaming apps in the same category as yours. This means having an app that is vulnerable to errors is soon to fail. Hence, it is very important to make your app undergo quality assurance and the final product that is deployed is nothing less than perfect.

7) Pre-Release Marketing

When you are into video streaming application development, you will want everyone to know about your app and when it is live, download it and use it. An app without users is a failed app and no owner wants that for their project. To avoid that from happening, you need to start marketing your app even before its development is completed. You can consider running an advertising campaign to let people know about your upcoming app. You also have multiple other options like blogs, and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. This will help promote the app before it gets launched in the stores. One of the best options is to buy ads from popular groups to attract users to your app. You can also arrange for the press release. Buying streams is also one of the best ways to grab users for your mobile application.

Final Words

You know the process, all you need to do now is to follow them and get started with building your dream project. Make sure to hire top app developers to get what you expected from your project.