Detached Retina, The cause, symptoms and the treatment of detached retina.

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best retina specialists in Pune,

What is detached retina? 

Detached retina is otherwise known as Retinal Detachment. This situation occurs when the retina, which is in the back of the eye, is pulled away from its original position. Retina is the place where the image of an object is formed upside down and is sent to the brain through the optic nerves. In cases of detached retina, the vision becomes blurred or hazy. This condition is a serious health issue, as it can lead to total blindness also.

Cause of Retinal Detachment-  

Retinal detachment happens when the retina is pulled or lifted from its original place, because of any reason. The eyeball remains filled with a clear collagen tissue, known as Vitreous. This Vitreous may pull away from its attachment to the retina, as human being gets old. Generally, this Vitreous easily separates from the retina, without causing any harm to the retina. But, in some isolated cases, Vitreous may pull hard to tear the retina in one or in multiple places. This Vitreous fluid may pass through these tears in the retina and lift the retina from the back of the eye. The retina peels off from its original place, like a torn piece of paper. This causes Retinal Detachment.

Retinal detachment may also be caused by near sightedness, glaucoma, previous cataract or eye surgery, severe injury, genetic causes, retinal detachment in the other eye, or because of weak areas in the retina etc.

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment-

The condition of retinal detachment can give rise to various symptoms. The patient may experience particles floating inside his eye; he can also experience seeing flashing lights, or gray curtain or a veil moving across his field of vision.

Treatment of Retinal Detachment-

  • Treatment of Retinal Tears– Cryotherapy or Freezing treatment or Laser therapy is used to seal the holes or tears made in the Retina. This treatment is also useful in sealing the retina to the back wall of the eye, after the retinal tear takes place. These are any discomfort free treatments and the ophthalmologist may perform this procedure in his chamber only. This treatment may prevent retinal detachment in the patient.
  • Treatment of Detached Retina– This may require surgery. This surgical procedure is needed to replace the retina in its original place in the back of the eye. The characteristic of the retinal detachment determines the type of anesthesia and surgery the patient needs.
  • Types of Surgery for Retinal Detachment
  1. Pneumatic Retinopexy- This procedure involves introduction of a gas bubble into the vitreous space inside the eye. This gas bubble pushes the retinal tear back against the back wall of the eye and closes the tear. The retina around the retinal tear is secured with Laser or Cryosurgery. This gas bubble gradually disappears with time.
  2. Scleral Buckle- A flexible band is placed around the equator of the eye in this procedure. It counterbalances any force that pulls the retina out of its original place. The surgeon drains out the fluid from under the detached retina, which allows the retina to return back to its normal position on the back of the eye.
  3. Vitrectomy- This surgical procedure involves removing the Vitreous fluid, which pulls out the retina. A gas bubble may be introduced to replace the drained vitreous fluid. The patient’s own body fluid gradually replaces the gas bubble.

The Surgical information- 

The patient may experience slight discomfort after the surgery. However, the ophthalmologist will prescribe the required medicines and may advise the patient to return to his normal duties. This surgery is generally without any risk, provided it is done by an expert ophthalmologist in a well developed hospital. The vision may improve after surgery after a bit long time.

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