Design Instagram profile: ideas and tips for 2020

Design Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is as unique as you or your company. Here you can let off steam, get creative, express yourself or inspire others. Show the world what makes you or your company special. We have put together a few tips and tricks for you on how to create an inviting Instagram profile.

Find the right Instagram name
Finding ideas for Instagram names is not easy.

The following applies: “Keep it simple”! Use a clear and simple name with recognition value. This could be, for example, the name of your company, a nickname or your real name. However, Instagram differentiates between a username and a profile name. 

The username is the name at the top of the profile, others can use it to mark and find your profile. The username is the name behind the @ sign. This must be unique and must not contain any special characters. So there cannot be two users with the same username.

You can also specify a profile name. This can be max. 30 characters long and may contain special characters. The profile name can be, for example, your company name or your own name. Other Instagram users can also find your profile using this name. Therefore, you should keep it simple so that it can be found more easily. It is also very useful to use keywords on your behalf so that users are aware of you. For example, if you run a marketing agency, the term “marketing” should appear in the name. We also recommend that you use the same name on every social media channel in order to be more easily recognized.

 You have no idea yet? For example, use a name generator as a suggestion. Here are a few examples that emerge like this:

  • samdances
  • frozenverb
  • milkywayapricot
  • fightplan
  • lindafun
  • family station
  • usually hopping
  • mellieontheroad

The right profile picture

The first visual element for designing your Instagram profile is the profile picture. The company logo or a selfie on which your face can be seen are best suited for this, so that interested parties can directly recognize that the profile is correct. Because if someone has searched for your profile, the profile photo will only appear very small (this should be at least 110 x 110 pixels and max. 200 x 200 pixels), so it is important that at first glance it is easy to see what it is in the photo. Using a photo of yourself and your friends as a profile photo may work well on Facebook, for example, but is rather unsuitable for Instagram.

The appealing profile (organic)

The profile of your profile, also called “bio” for biography, immediately catches the eye of the visitor and offers plenty of scope for creative or informative design. Here you can find all information on the topic: Instagram profile. There you will also find ideas for beautiful profiles, sayings and fonts. 

Instagram Bio: insert link
An Instagram link in a bio.

Instagram offers the possibility to link your website directly in your profile. You can update this link regularly. Here you can also link your own homepage or the latest blog article, add an address or refer to other Instagram profiles. This is very practical, for example, since a link cannot be added to a caption. So if you want a story or picture to refer you to a new article on your blog, for example, you can simply refer to the fact sheet in the story or picture and the user can easily find the link to the article there. Please use the link “Link in Bio” so that your followers know that you will find the link in your profile. 

Select profile category
A category on Instagram.

If you have a business profile, you can also design your Instagram profile: Add a category: e.g. retail, art and entertainment, sports and leisure, photographer, home and garden homepage, travel company, entrepreneur etc.

The category helps the viewer to see immediately what your profile is about. 

Create Instagram highlight with cover and name

If you want to save a story and want to make it accessible to your followers later, you can save it as a highlight. These are then listed below your profile and are a nice design element for your profile. For each highlight you can define a cover, i.e. a preview picture, and your own name. You can find useful tips for Instagram highlights here .

Schedule the Instagram feed
A planned Instagram feed.

The Feed: This is, besides the stories, the heart of the app. Here you can let off steam and post videos and (several) photos. In order to design a feed that is as appealing and interesting as possible, we have summarized a few tips for you:

Idea 1 – Post selfies / people

People like to see people. So if you want to promote yourself, you have to show yourself. Many followers are interested in who is behind the profile. Posting pictures of yourself is also a good way to create a personal bond with your followers and thereby create trust.

Idea 2 – standardize filter and format

Try posting square photos as this format works best for Instagram. In order to give the profile a uniform look, you should not use too many different filters, as this makes the page appear confusing. The images should also not look too edited and look natural. 

Idea 3 – design the caption

Here you can describe the photo. What is the story behind the picture? Is the product shown available in the shop? (Here you can use the link “Link in Bio”, for example). The caption can also be used as a “call to action” and invite visitors to comment or tag their friends (a lot of commitment is seen by the Instagram algorithm and)

Idea 4 – use hashtags

Hashtags can be used well to draw the attention of users (who are not following you, for example) to a picture. These can either be written directly in the caption or as a comment (if you find the hashtags below the image disturbing). The same applies here: less is more – use a handful of hashtags that describe the picture aptly than too many hashtags. It is also helpful to use popular, often searched hashtags. The likelihood increases to be found by more people. Learn more about Instagram hashtags here .

Idea 5 – set markers

Another way of drawing other users’ attention to your profile is to mark the person in the photo. You can also mark (potential) cooperation partners, people with a long reach or users who you think you might like the picture on the picture.

Our conclusion on the Instagram profile

If you take these tips to heart, your profile will soon stand out from the crowd. It will help you get more Instagram followers and likes for Instagram pictures. In the beginning, you can also Buy Instagram Followers UK to keep thriving. You will find further helpful information on our blog regularly, so please check back later!