How to Design Homemade Theatre? Exotic Interiors

Homemade Theatre

During this busy life, most of the time people want to do something but they don’t have time like you want to watch your favourite movie or tv show but you can’t book tickets on time so the best solution is to have your theatre. While designing your new home make space for homemade theatre if you are fond of watching shows or movies. So you can watch anything anytime and you don’t have to stand for hours in a lane to buy tickets. The specialists present at Residential interior design Dubai or Commercial fit- out companies in Dubai to have the best cinematic feel in the comfort of your own home. Here are the guidelines to design your own built- in cinema.

Select the location:

Before doing anything you have to select a suitable place in your home where you want to design the cinema. The location must be perfect according to different preferences like sitting area, comfort, less exposure to natural light for a better visual experience and better sound quality. The basement is considered to be the best for this because it can absorb sound, have less sunlight and it’s easy to redecorate it.

  • Colour and Decor:

The paint colour is the essential element because colours can make anything good or bad. There must be natural and full of life colours to make you more enthusiastic about your favourite show and avoid using bright colours because these will distract you from the actual visual experience. The decorations must be according to the cinematic theme like movie posters, popular stars or anything like that to give you a full theatre swing.

Make it Soundproof:

The next step is to make it soundproof because the sound can travel fast and can disturb your neighbour’s. For this install acoustic walls, place cushions, layered blankets and carpet the room well so it can absorb the sound and you can enjoy your favourite season.

Seating Arrangements:

The next step is to arrange a sitting area with comfortable seating that must be a recliner with three, six or nine- seater having metallic cup holders. The seatings must be comfortable enough to sit because you can not enjoy the show if you are not comfortable on your seat.

Lighting and Screen Distance:

Lightning can add up to the glamour of the cinema and if there is any way to sunlight in the room then you must cover it with curtains or drapes another idea is to just black them out to have a better visual experience. The screen distance must be 1.5 to 2 times the diagonal width of the actual screen to have the best vision of the show or series.


These are some of the tips to make your ideal home theatre a reality so you can enjoy watching everything with your family, friends or any other guests. Have some snacks and be ready for the best cinematic experience. Hire experts from Interior design Consultancy Dubai to make your home theatre today.