Data analytics- A world full of opportunities!

Data analytics
Data analytics

The fourth industrial revolution is here and a lot has changed in the business front since the last century. Today businesses have to keep up to the varying requirements of the digital age and continuously upgrade their strategies. In the one hand the companies need to develop new revenue streams and on the other traditional techniques of gathering market intelligence is no longer relevant. This is where data analytics comes into play by opening a world of opportunities for organizations by not only letting them seek potential markets but also reduce costs and streamline operations. And not only business organizations, data analytics has also found application in nonprofit organizations and governmental institutions. Interestingly the field of data analytics is also lucrative for individuals seeking a promising career!

How businesses benefit from data analytics?

  • Data analytics helps businesses to recognize new business opportunities. Data analysts process huge volumes of data collected from a variety of sources to unravel insights which would have been never discovered.
  • Before data analytics targeting customers was almost impossible. But now with the help of data analytics companies can substantially increase their revenues just by identifying potential customers and targeting them.
  • Business enterprises need to continuously evaluate their own performances and determine which strategies are working and which ones are inefficient. Data analytics makes this task very easy and business leaders can effectively rule out inefficient strategies while developing the efficient ones.

Seeking a career in data analytics?

With an ever increasing demand and a promising career, there is no doubt that data analytics is one of the most sought after career fields at the moment. The data analytics market is already flourishing and expected to reach $77.64 billion by 2023. There are also more than 97k job postings on data analytics and related positions at the moment which vouches for the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field.

However there are also certain conditions you need to fulfill before you can grab a job you deserve. For instance you must possess an industry relevant skill so that recruiters from leading companies show interest on you. Python training will definitely help you in this regard. Python is not only the most in-demand skill at the moment but also is the most popular tool for data analytics across the globe.

Why should you acquire python skills?

Python holds the lion’s share of the data analytics market at the moment with top companies like facebook, Netflix and Spotify- all using Python. It is by far the easiest to learn with handy libraries like Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib. It is also the most desired skill in data analytics candidates and with a Python training you can take advantage of that!