Custom rigid boxes in the USA and Canada

Custom rigid boxes in the USA and Canada

Rigid foam boxes, commonly known as custom Rigid Box in the USA, are one of the most sought-after items for import shipments. It is a good packaging material that has the potential to hold heavy goods and is not likely to break or deform even after long use. The quality of packing done by the box itself makes the product safer than most other packaging materials and USA florists are well aware of it and go for it whenever possible. But USA box companies are careful about the density of their foam boxes; they know that too much density can lead to crushing and breaking of goods inside the box… and USA florists know it too! So Rigid foam boxes from the USA are made in such a way that the density is well controlled.

If you are going to send any type of product to the USA, there is no need to send it by air freight. Use of the rigid box paper box is the best possible solution for import shipments and if you want a faster service, you should make sure to choose the right packing material with full trust in USA shipping services. Choosing the right packing material for an import shipment can spell the difference between your products reaching the customers safely without any damage and timely arrival of the products at the desired destination. So, you should give priority to choosing the right packing material.

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Box type that is the best for import shipments? – Rigid box in the USA has two different forms: Rigid foam Insulation and Rigid box in the USA, both of them are self-sealing but different in terms of packing density. Rigid foam insulation has a higher melting point than other types of rigid box paper box and so it is chosen for higher-value products like furniture, cars, etc. It can withstand extreme heat and it does not get damaged easily even if the product is stored for a longer time in the storage place.

What is the advantage of cartons rigid boxes in the USA? – Since the cartons are self-sealing, there is no need to use any sealing material for the long-term storage of the product. You can keep the cartons in the storage room and whenever required, you can open the sealed cartons and the product will be ready for shipping again. Rigid box in the USA offers many advantages. Apart from providing security, superior protection against damage, and longer storage, it also offers good value for money.

Why is a paper rigid box in the USA better than other materials? – Since this is made of paper, it offers maximum protection to the product whether it is damaged or not. Cartons, foams, paper, tri-foam, bubble wrap, and other such materials may provide adequate protection to the product but all these provide only a minimum level of protection. Paper rigid box is much safer than any of these.

How to ship boxes in the USA? – There are many ways to ship your product easily and inexpensively across the country. If you do not want to spend on freight forwarders, you can use packing tape, foam blocks, yarn, corrugated boxes, or paper. All these provide easy packaging solutions to import shipments.

Why use foam blocks or corrugated paper? – It is because these foams or blocks provide better protection to the product than other materials. Many shipping companies use these materials for shipping cartons, boxes, and cases. The cost of transporting the box from the manufacturing plant to your destination will be less if the box has a foam or corrugated board inside.

Where should I send the box? – The best place is to use the US Post Office. Most of the products have to be shipped to the address given by the customer. However, if you are not aware of the mailing addresses in the USA, you can use Google maps and search for the street addresses of the business premises or warehouses where the boxes are needed. Also, you can ask for cartons and cases at local distributors. You can also rent some cartons to make your shipment affordable.