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blunt boxes
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Blunt is known as the hollowed-out cigar with weed in it. It is different from joints as it uses tobacco leaves instead of rolling paper. It can cause nicotine addiction due to tobacco content in wrapper leaf. These blunts are becoming popular due to their physical and chemical properties caused mainly due to THC present in cannabis. The CBD present in the hemp plant does not contribute to mind-altering states. These blunt demands competent packaging for effective sales.

We produce custom-size Blunt boxes

The blunt boxes are made in personalized designs. The world has advanced in terms of personalization. Print designing each brand of blunt a distinguished design. We make blunt boxes with eloquent prints with logo embossed, debossed, or printed with raised ink on the box. Water-proof printing is offered which does not fade by AQ coating. Spot UV cures the printed box with targeted treatment for the creation of depth. The finishing of the blunt boxes can be done by lamination sheet glossy or matte. Glossing and coatings are offered for various outlooks.

The blunt boxes are made to unite with text printed on the box. Font style and contrasting colors are used for describing blunt packed in a box. Some motivational text can also be printed or jokes on the box for captivation. We offer mono-color, PMS, CMYK 1PMS, or CMYK 2 PMS. No printing can opt for the label. Free print designing is enabling all trademarks to have a statement style box.

Attractive blunt boxes are winning the hearts of the audience. These boxes have changed the perspective of packaging. many new clients are buying the product due to its irresistible packaging style. The foundations of a brand can dig deeper with this marketing tool.

Save money on Blunt boxes at wholesale prices

The boxes made for blunt are being provided you to at modest prices. Durable boxes which do not let the stash broken and protects it are made from premium quality material. The affordability of cannabis companies is a big factor and we make cheap boxes for all classes.
The light weighted customized boxes are perfect for storage weed.

Blunt boxes are capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions with enamel sprays. The boxes are moisture-resistant and give you a protected space with no impurity entry. Blunt boxes are foiled if asked by the client and are perfect for effective marketing.
Gross buying is being promoted by the exclusive discounts. A large number of boxes or reduced prices does not mean a compromise on quality at all. we enable the client to save their time and let them earn an extra profit on each box.

Get the Quality Blunt boxes with the Fastest Turnaround

We have established a free shipping policy for the facilitation of the client. The boxes are delivered to you reliably without any restriction. The client can save the time and energy spent on worrisome safe delivery. With our fastest turnaround services, flat blunt boxes are delivered in their best form within 4-8 working days. We are strategizing to make the experience of clients better.
The boxes are made from organic material. Softwood is processed mostly to get the material used in box manufacturing. Eco-friendly boxes are safer for the ecosystem. These blunt boxes can be reused and provide you with a convenient packaging experience. They can be dumped readily as they do not require complicated recycling. After being discarded by a simple process of bio-degradation they are converted into soil.

Customized paper cardboard Blunt boxes with handle

We believe in giving you a box that is exclusive in its style. Box style can be picked by the client. A box can be made in lid and base style, sleeve form, pillow style, front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, auto-bottom, clamshell, or many more. The blunt boxes can e modified to have a lock. Handles, straps, or accessories can be attached to the box.

Die-cut windows can be made on the box with transparent PVC lining. Gluing scored or perforations can be done. Ribbons can be used for making the presentation of the stash box better. The size of the blunt boxes can be changed into custom measurements for storing weed discretely. Paper stocks and material can also be selected by the client from Kraft, cardboard, boxboard, paper stock, or corrugated material.

Get More Ideas About Blunt boxes

We provide you with efficient customer support which helps you in communicating your thoughts to the manufacturers. There is no minimum order limit. For brand marketing custom boxes, custom food boxes, blank cereal boxes are becoming a necessity. We help you in the expansion of sales and horizon. The customer representatives work day and night to assist day and night. We do not charge in the name of the die and plate. Print designing is also offered free of cost to all worthy customers.

Through our website, the quotation for a specific order can be obtained while being at home. the website is updated regularly with all kinds of information regarding packaging. We are known for our standard quality. To satisfy our clients is our first and foremost priority. The design is being coordinated and you can get your ideal box.