Custom Draperies – A Good Way of Camouflaging Problematic Windows

Custom Draperies

Are you concerned with an awkward size window? Do you want to create an illusion of a window? Well, there are solutions to these queries. It is true that off center windows creates a mess in interior decoration but, there are ways of camouflaging such challenging windows. The best custom draperies can provide an easy solution to all such problems.

  • Off Center Windows

In case you have an off center window in the room, one solution is to extend the drapery rod beyond the window frame. You can also extend the drapery from the ceiling to the floor and from wall to wall. This will trick everyone’s eyes and they will not be able to identify the starting and ending of the off center window. They will have the illusion of a large window.

  • Windows of Different Sizes in the Same Room

A combination of shades and curtains can solve this problem. Installing shades below drapery rods will give height to the window. It will appear taller than its original length. This layering window dressing also offers elegance to home décor. Go for thick sturdy fabrics of curtains to have the best custom draperies and high-end look. It is best to use fabrics with stripes or vertical patterns as they create the illusion of height. On the contrary, fabrics having horizontal stripes or patterns provide a wider illusion than they actually are.

  • Small Size Window

To give a small window the illusion of height and width, go for Roman shades mounted externally. Buying shades longer and wider than the actual window will make it appear longer. When you pull up the shades, the maximum portion of the glass will have exposure.

Thus, these are some solutions for the windows having different dimensions. Now, let’s have a look at some inspiring curtain ideas.

  • Light & Sheer

If a room receives too much light, it is better not to use bright color curtains as they will fade easily. Sheer fabric is ideal for such rooms.

  • Deep Blue

Vibrant color curtains can add a textural element to a statement wall. Deep blue curtains in a blue room will add to its bold look.

  • Complementary Colors
    If you have vintage patterns and fabrics in your living room, then having shades and drapes in almost matching colors will give a dynamic twist. In this case, shades can be heavy to block sunlight while the drapes will be airy and sheer.