Crane – Important Machinery to Humankind


Cranes are called as mechanical machines which are useful in every construction or building sites. This is a common vehicle or equipment which is present in different forms, according to its use in different sites. These kinds of machines are generally equipped to lift up heavy loads from one point to another in a horizontal direction. Along with construction use, these machines are also used in transportation industry because of its usefulness in lighting up heavy materials.


Loading and unloading of materials or debris are easily possible within less time span required for completing work. The vehicles are used in large sectors for different purposes, construction site is one of the sectors where crane is required.

Variety of Cranes Present and its Uses

There are varieties of this machines which are divided in different types according to its usage. These are of many types, but the main kind includes seven such kinds of heavy vehicles which are depends on the working activity or the environment and even the objective of the project construction. To name some.

  • Mobile crane– also known as a hydraulic powered crane is balanced with crawlers. They act as loaders or carriages. These are also subdivided into 4 other categories. They are-
  1. Truck mounted (single engineered machine used in transportation)
  2. Rough terrain (single engineered machine used for off-road transportation)
  3. Crawler (these provide great stability, another advantage is its characteristic of picking up heavy weights up to limits of 3500 tons, it also requires minimum improvements)
  4. Floating (used basically in port areas for unloading and loading of packages on and off the ships, also very useful during bridge constructions)
  • Loader crane– These are also called as lorry cranes. They are used to load a particular item on a trailer. Some of its advantages for which it is considered to be useful are because it can be folded and parked at a minimum space. Due to its folding advantage it can easily be transported from one place to another. It has one of its kinds known as Pal finger loader crane which is considered to be one of the most popular cranes of all. It is easier to handle and is controllable.
  • Overhead crane– Due to its structure and formation, these kinds of cranes are named suspended crane. These are generally used in factories or industries which form a bridge on the ceiling where it lifts heavy equipment to different areas, directions and angles. Hoist, an important part of the crane mechanism helps it performs its duty perfectly. Lifting heavy loads are difficult by human hands which reduce the efficiency and so a crane can work and complete the work efficiently.
  • Tower crane- These are the most common sight that can be seen in any construction site. These are fixed on a concrete slab in the ground or even sometimes to any other structure other than ground. These are best example when considering the factor for constructing tall towers or buildings. Due to its huge height, it has a great capacity of lifting up objects to a maximum height.
  • Telescopic crane– these are the cranes coming under the category of heavy machinery. It performs different kinds of transportation activities which basically include areas like shipping ports.

Cranes are one of the indispensable commodity or equipment one can possess. These are generally used by civil engineers on the site and in other cases they are also found in different industrial workhouses and shipping ports. The ability of the machinery has made the work of humans faster and easier. This leads to advantage of saving time and money at some point.