A Perfect Operational Extension Solving all Your Bipap Prior Authorization Problems

Bipap Prior Authorization

In order to reduce the administrative burden of the providers, Magnolia health has removed its CPAP and BIPAP prior authorization requirements for all providers and for observation, for non-par providers.

Though the long complex prior authorization is what every healthcare providers hate, it is the inevitable process for most of the healthcare providers for its own valuable reasons and benefit.

How The Prior Authorization Process Helps:

Despite the fact that the time-consuming complex Bipap prior authorization or any other prior authorization process is something which every person from the healthcare services despises, it has proved to be quite useful. The prior authorization process helps in choosing the perfect cost-effective alternative medication for the patients. It also sees if the treatment or the medication is at all necessary for the patient’s current health condition, reducing improper payments.

Not only it helps in delivering the maximum benefit to patient’s health it also reduces the chances of healthcare fraud according to GAO.

Requiring a lot of patience and skilled resources the administrative burden for the prior authorization process is not as easy as it seems. This is why outsourcing organization like PriorAuth Online is the perfect fit for such a complex prior authorization process.

How PriorAuth Online The Perfect BIPAP Prior Authorization Solution:

Ensuring the right check and balance and delivering heavy lifting works that help you in your ROI, PriorAuth Online is an authorization platform by Sunknowledge Services Inc, a 360-degree task-specific medical billing solution.

Monitoring, initiating, approving and following up on all HME, orthotics, prosthetics, BIPAP prior authorization and 20 other prior authorization specialties, we PriorAuth Online focus on the closing the authorization gap faster and effectively. Increasing the timely approval rate we ensure a reduction in errors and duplicity along with 100% prior authorization submission on the same day.

Ensuring a seamless communication and operational transparency we are the only RCM offering pre-billing activities which include doctors and patients calling for the need of relevant documentation needed for the procedure for insurance verification, prior authorization and order confirmation which no other RCM offers.

Reducing 80% of your operational cost our PriorAuth Online ensures the highest first-pass collection rate of 97%. So if you are looking for a perfect operational extension that can help you in reducing your BIPAP prior authorization burden,  PriorAuth Online is the perfect one-stop destination for all. For more information and benefit on how our PriorAuth Online experts can help you ease your pain point and achieved your desired prior authorization requirements, get in touch with our no-commitment call.