Cookie Packaging Boxes Design and Product Information

cookie packaging


Cookie boxes are an extrinsic cue. These boxes are an attribute that is product-related but not part of the physical product. Examples of extrinsic cues include the brand name, price of the product, etc. The Packaging Republic believes that consumers often use extrinsic cues as surrogate indicators of product quality. This occurs when the brand is unfamiliar to the consumer (i.e., uncertainty is high), when the consumer has insufficient opportunity to evaluate the intrinsic attributes, and when the consumer cannot readily assess the inherent qualities.


Effect of Packaging Design on Consumer Purchase Intentions

Cookie packaging design includes the layout, fonts, and colors used on a product. All these aspects of cookie packaging design create a brand image and stimulate consumer purchase intentions. While purchasing cookies and similar food items, consumers do not spend time evaluating the attributes of products. As consumers draw inferences about the food items based on their packaging design, they must stand out in a display.


Attractive wholesale cookie boxes have a strong influence on consumer purchase intentions. Different demographic groups of consumers prefer different packaging designs. In general, children tend to prefer flamboyant cookie boxes, whereas adults prefer sober ones. A unique, innovative, and distinguishable design of cookie boxes helps in creating product differentiation, brand identity and stimulates consumer purchase intentions. 


Effect of Product Information on Consumer Purchase Intentions

Printed information provides information about products. Additionally, printed information is designed to attract consumers and motivate them to buy a product. Even under time constraints, consumers pay more attention to printed information on the custom printed cookie boxes. Moreover, the consumers also pay attention to the visual appeal of the custom printed cookie boxes. Consumers read printed information about a product when they purchase health-related or food products. Therefore it is best to print clear, simple, and authentic information on the custom cookie boxes. By doing so, the consumers become more confident about buying your products. Information evokes a sense of trust among the consumers, which leads them to buy your product instantly. Moreover, it becomes convenient for the consumers to compare the ingredients with other similar products.


Importance of Nutritional Information on Cookie Packaging

Consumers also pay attention to the expiry date and ingredients written on the cookie packaging boxes. Product information printed on the custom packaging box printed information stimulates consumer purchase intentions. They give more attention to nutritional information on the cookie packaging boxes, followed by the expiry date, price, and brand name. The packaging experts and marketing analysts believe that various factors can moderate or mediate the relationship between printed information and consumer purchase intentions. Some are of the view that the printed information also creates a high-quality impression of the product on consumers’ minds. 


In a nutshell, custom cookie boxes’ design and product information stimulate instant sales. Therefore, your custom cookie boxes must be flawlessly designed and informational enough to instantly convince consumers to buy your cookies or other similar food products instantly. Also, make sure that the information is authentic and does not mislead the consumers since misled consumers can negatively affect your brand’s reputation.