What Should You Consider Before Buying a Headset


Headphones are a major necessity at offices. Yet, people also prefer buying them for personal usage. But, choosing the right headset is very challenging, especially because of the choices.

Fortunately, a few pointers can help firms and individual decide the aptest headphone. Some critical tips for selecting the right headset include:

  • Choosing between corded or cordless
  • Noise-cancelling or voice tube mics, etc

Other elements include compliances, cost-effectiveness, comprehensive warranty, business usage, and wearing style. Besides this, comfort, connectivity, durability, sound quality, and other functions also play a vital role.

5 Essential Factors to Remember While Choosing a Headphone

●     Usage

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the headphone plays a crucial part in the buying decisions.

For example, some organizations choose a corded headset. It demands connectivity with the desktop.

On the other hand, contact centre supervisors might need high movement. Therefore, they would prefer using wireless headphones over corded. Such firms check supervisors receive utmost comfort for volume control, disconnectivity, and mute.

Many enterprises offer a few choices of headsets to employees. It needs swift movements throughout the day. On the other hand, a salesperson may need high-quality communication. Therefore, the device cord would not impact as much as this issue.

●     Single or Double Earpiece

There is another relevant factor before purchasing a headphone. It is deciding whether you need a single or double earpiece. The former is referred to as monaural, whereas the latter as binaural.

Monaural headsets allow a user to listen to the speaker from one earpiece. It is also focusing on the outside environment. Therefore, it is more helpful in multi-tasking as compared to binaural headphones.

Binaural headsets allow users to give undivided attention to the ongoing call by diminishing the ambient noise. Many offices, especially contact centres, prefer using them. It is because of the constant phone calls around a person.

●     Compliance

According to the Noise at Work Directive, employees should not get exposed to more than 87dB(A) from the device while working. However, a source suggests that twenty-one per cent of UK centres have crossed the limit.

Moreover, forty-three per cent have reached a fairly close percentage. Businesses can stray away from lawsuits, costly settlements, and legal fees by abiding by the regulations.

Additionally, firms should ensure acoustic shock protection to avoid the chances of unprecedented incidents. Simultaneously, people buying a personal headphone should ensure that it complies with the two requirements.

●     Budget

Before buying a new headphone, it is crucial to have a budget to avoid diminishing cash flow. People purchasing them for personal use can also experience high expenditures on their savings account.

The cost of a headphone can vary between a few hundred to a thousand pounds. The best method of devising the budget is by the device purpose. If the purpose if personal, such as listening to podcasts, radio, audiobook, or music, a modest priced headphone will suffice.

However, if it for office purpose, you might require noise cancellation and regulated acoustic shock compatibility, besides the maximum volume. If funds become a problem, doorstep loans for bad credit can help to resolve them.

●     Need for Voice Tubes

The last aspect to consider before buying a headphone is the requirement of voice tubes. Noise cancellation headsets can help to avoid background noise. However, voice tubes can provide superior sound to the listener.

Many global customer centres and sales departments opt for voice tube headphones compared to standardized ones. Another reason for opting for VT’s is hygiene if they are replaceable. They also offer a stable fit to the user and come at comparatively lower costs.

Unfortunately, these might provide discomfort to people involved in commuting jobs. However, businesses and individuals should opt for noise-cancelling over voice tubes if they have budget limitations.

●     Other Important Components


Before buying a headphone for personal use, it is crucial to think about whether an earphone would offer better usage. The latter comes at much lower costs and compatibilities such as in-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear.

Businesses should prefer binaural headphones with a voice tube to provide high-quality feedback and listen without any disturbance. Besides this, a buyer should involve the future scope of the device.

The future scope involves compatibility with upcoming technologies. For example, telephones compatible with corded headphone came a long time ago. If the work demands movement on the office floor, the requirement of Bluetooth headphones with a good range will persist.

Likewise, the new technology would require controls from the headphone. Therefore, the firm should decide the type of device that would suffice the upcoming times. Moreover, wireless headsets come with battery life and require charging.

Buying Wireless Headsets

If the firm insists on buying wireless headsets, it would still require cords as a backup. These would help to keep the work functioning even on low or no battery. Additionally, VOIP or Voice Over IP is also an ongoing need for many firms.

Wearing styles is also an overlooked aspect by firms and individuals; however, this practice is getting reduced. According to a source, more than a third of contact centres offer headset choices to their advisors.

The fact that headphones become personal has not gone unnoticed by businesses and individual buyers. Similarly, controls also play an essential part in headphones. Some devices come with the function button.

Functions Available On The Headphone

The functions available on the headphone ease tasks while manoeuvring. So, the user must decide the importance of them because it will also affect the buying price.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the software, computer, user, and business needs before deciding on the right headphone. Besides involving these factors before buying a headphone, it is crucial to compare favourites on comparative websites.

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