4 most common solar user sectors

solar sectors

Renewable energy is known as the best and environment-friendly energy source. Human kinds are burning fossil fuels from so many decades to get energy from them but we are not getting only energy but gases also. These gases are causing the greenhouse effect and global warming. In renewable energy, solar is the best and efficient way to get energy. According to research, solar can provide us energy in only one day that the whole global population can use for one year. The solar energy industry is growing day by day in the global market. Every type of energy sector and users are getting involved in solar energy. Here are some sectors that are consuming energy and how solar energy can help them in energy cost-cutting and in environment cleaning.

Residential Homes:

Residential homes are at the top of the list due to a massive increase in a solar installation in this sector. The residential sector’s main need is electricity and hot water in winter. Solar provides both facilities. For this photovoltaic and thermal solar panels are used. In the residential areas, people prefer clean, environment-friendly, cheap and renewable energy. And solar energy is fulfilling all these factors.

Peoples are installing solar panels in different modes like some prefers on-grid solar system and some prefers off-grid system. You do not need batteries if you are using an on-grid solar system. In the day time you are using solar electricity and after that grid electricity. In off-grid, you need batteries that will provide you electricity backup when needed.

Industrial area:

Electricity consumption in the industrial area is more than a residential area. Industrial areas are using solar energy for many years. Solar energy is cheap instead of grid electricity. Solar energy has the capacity to be a good alternative to grid electricity. This is a good option for the operations that are consuming electricity continually or operating repeatedly.

Industry requires electricity in so many different operations and for this solar energy is very suitable. Either you can install a big solar system for the whole industry or small solar systems for different operations. Solar is powering all types of industries from small industries to big industries. Like; in the aircraft and aviation industry, solar is powering so many operations, in traffic and roads industry, solar is powering solar lights and so many traffic operations, etc.

Most of the industries prefer off-grid and hybrid systems. As well as some industries are also working on net metering. This method pays you back for your extra energy productivity.

Commercial Sectors:

When we are talking about the industrial area, how we can forget commercial sector? Commercial sector is the one that is totally connected with the economic stream. Commercial areas are converting to solar energy power from grid electricity. Solar electricity is cheaper than grid electricity.

We can use solar panels on the commercial buildings are rooftop as well as on the building walls. Like: a patrol pump wants to install the solar system, they can use solar panels as the rooftop. This technique will reduce the rooftop cost as well as taxes from grid electricity. Solar panels are also can be used on walls vertically, this technique also will reduce your cost by protecting your walls from weather damage.

Rural areas operations:

Only urban areas are not only going towards solar energy buy rural also. So many companies are providing utilities and solar operated gadgets in rural areas. Solar energy will impact very positively on the rural areas’ economy. Irrigation is also shifting to the solar energy system very rapidly.

From water spreading to the cultivating, all operations are converting to solar energy that is very cheap for them. In Asia especially Pakistan, the Solar power system price is very low for the rural areas as well as urban areas. Solar companies are providing free of cost small solar panels in the poor rural areas for poverty elevation.


These are the big areas where the solar system is changing the shape of the solar energy sectors. Solar will be a major player in the future energy sector.  According to research, solar share in the energy sector will be up to 25% in 2050.  Be a part of the revolutionary future of the energy sector.