From where can I get high quality custom cigarette boxes?

Cigarette Box

Cigarette Boxes have been around for many years, and they aren’t just for those that keep a pack of cigarettes in their car trunk. They are a common fixture in the home, office, and many places you don’t think about. Many people have come to appreciate the purpose behind Cigarette Boxes, and how easy and effective they are for both storing and protecting your cigarettes.

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Cigarette Boxes – In the beginning, a cigarette box was an aluminum-bodied metal frame with either a hinged-lid or a convex (convex) lid. You could store a pack of cigarettes in it. The lid would slide out to expose a hole for the cigarettes to be inserted. This is the first type of cigarette box we see. The other type of cigarette box we have in common today is the glass and metal plate hinged-lid package.

Cigarette Boxes with Lids – A variation on the above design produced a hinged lid that also contained the upper end of the cigarettes. This type of cigarette box was most often found in diners or cafes. This type of cigarette box was a bit harder to find, as it wasn’t as common. This is because most restaurants didn’t like to display such products in their establishments. They were also usually too heavy for some restaurant customers to easily push into their vehicles.

Cigarette Boxes With an Exhaust Port – On the exterior, these types of cigarette boxes look nothing like the above design, but they are very similar. On the bottom, there is an exhaust port that can be closed after smoking is finished. On the top, you can see a hole for the cigarettes to be inserted. Another feature common in these types of cigarette boxes is the design that allows the upper half of the cigarettes to be exposed to the air while the bottom remains closed. This means there is always a steady stream of cigarette smoke coming out of the bottom.

Cigarette Box

Cigarette Box With a Glass Top – Like the Fig Tree, these kinds of cigarette boxes have been around for a long time. Some of them have glass fronts, while others are made of metal. These are more popular than ones that have solid front surfaces because smokers prefer it this way. For the smoker, keeping his hands from smacking the glass is very important.

Cigarette Box With an Ash Container – Today, there are a lot of manufacturers who produce cigarette box CB as well as cigarette boxes with ash containers. The ash content can be taken along when going out for a vacation or when working away from home. It can easily be replaced when needed. It also adds to the nostalgia of smoking. These come in different designs and colors so you can match them with your taste.

Cigarette Box With an Outer Blank – Like the Fig Tree, there are cigarette boxes that have an outer blank on top. When used like this, the smoker has the liberty to write whatever he wants on the outer blank. Thereafter, he can feed the blank into the inner chamber of the cigarette box CB so he can write there. Some even have pen slots on the outer blank so smokers can jot down notes and reminders.

Cigarette Box With Various Other Materials – You can find various other materials used for making cigarette boxes. The most common among these are wood, metals, and plastics. Cigarette boxes with wood and metal tops are commonly preferred by smokers. However, those who prefer plastics are very much attracted to those with smooth plastic surfaces.