Challenges Students Face When They Enter In University Life

Challenges Students Face When They Enter In University Life
Challenges Students Face When They Enter In University Life

It is great to leave behind the school and enter university life. This change gives the opportunity to grow bigger in responsibilities and liberty too. No more restrictions, however, no one can go out of control, but the difference occurs clearly.

Going for higher education can be very exciting too, but some challenges intrude and make life difficult. When a student faces those circumstances, it can be a massive change for him/her. Mostly the consequences are stressful. It is better to know about them beforehand because more damage happens due to ignorance.

Adjustment with the new atmosphere filled with unfamiliarity

In school, every corner is familiar. From faces to walls, nothing is new or strange. When a student comes out and enters the university picture, sometimes things turn upside down. From procedures to people, everything is unknown and happening for the first time in life.

Some pupils adapt the change very quickly while some find it annoying. From homesickness to mood swings, they have to go through many phases. This amendment may affect the concentration for a short as well as long term. Parents or guardians can be the saviour at this time.

Racism for those from other religions and nations

Oh, this one is complicated as it can be perilous for a kid to encounter this issue at such a tender age. In the time of globalisation, all the countries facilitate international educational standards. They are open for all. This facility makes the students keep dreams of attaining higher education from well-known universities.

However, things negatively change when they confront discrimination due to their roots. They find people around them that do not like them because they belong to a particular cast, credit, culture or nation. It is sure to leave an impact on mental health.

Financial management

Financial management is the most significant threats that a student has to face after entering university life. Especially, those who shift from their native place to a new city or country may face more prominent issues. They have to manage everything on their own, and every penny is precious to them.

Financial scarcity makes the pupils tackle situations, such as –

  • Money management on a shoestring budget – From fun to educational purposes, expenses are vast and versatile. Tuition fee, examination fee, education material, and what’s not, keep counting as the list goes on.
  • Students have to do jobs to compensate for the financial gaps. It leaves less time for educational activities. In the case of losing a job, they have to borrow funds and bear the obligation. However, online loan choices like personal loans or guaranteed loans for unemployed are less hefty as they are customised. However, in some or other way, financial challenges keep coming.


It can be great if there is a good harmony with the roommate. People with same nature staying in the same room can make the place heaven. On the other hand, those with different character, in fact, utterly different life, may end the day fighting on even the tiniest issue.

Finding the right person can help fight all the other challenges of university life, whether it is homesickness, depression or money crisis. But this does not happen every time. If one is a tricky person and the other is a tomfool, the previous one either will protect the latter one or will take undue benefit. The less smart person may get into stress due to not finding the one who can help understand the world in a better manner.

Peer pressure to go for the party every now and then

It is not wrong to go to a party; it is fun. However, if someone has to do it without the actual wish, it can be pathetic. From finances to privacy, everything gets hurt of those who are not much into party love.

Most of the youngsters are almost addictive to parties. Weekend, birthday, holiday, no reason is required to go for a celebration. Those who do not do this are considered rude and other students start showing discrimination through their behaviour. In such cases, loneliness can be a big problem. No one will be there to help during study time. Poor thing.

The Endnote

The above issues are common but serious. Timely attention is the best tool to reciprocate the annoying situations in the best possible manner.