Taking care of the vehicle is extremely important for road safety. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure the longevity of your car.

To ensure the longevity of your car, proper maintenance is required. People barely spend an average of $95/month on car maintenance, a small amount depending on the park. The amount is so low because many drivers don’t perform the maintenance of their cars, which in addition to not favoring safety on the roads can cause significant breakdowns of such high repair costs that would even force them to have to buy a new car.

When it comes to car maintenance, here’re a few mistakes that you can’t afford because of the high costs they can cause in your car. So let’s dive in;

Over tightening the oil filter

A wrench is the right tool to open the oil filter cover. It is recommended to do this operation using only this tool and without forcing too much. Many beginners go wrong at this point. Due to which, the leakage occurs damaging the engine. Keep in mind! Always apply the required amount of force and don’t overdo it. An engine that loses oil can get damaged, making the most important part, what we could call the heart of the vehicle, unusable.

Distribution belt

This belt is critical to the vehicle’s operation. In case it breaks, the damage is going to cost you too much, and you might even consider getting a new car. So make sure you don’t neglect the deadlines or mileage that the manufacturer recommends for it even if it is one of the most expensive maintenance tasks.

Depending on model & use, the deadlines might change. But most manufacturers recommend the first revision at 80K km and replacement by 150K km or every 5-year at the most. According to legitimate online platforms, changing a timing belt can cost around $450. But it might also cost you from $1800 to $4500.

Water entered the Fuel Tank

Always close the tank well. If you don’t, the rainwater might enter the tank of your car and then you have a serious problem. It occurs rarely, but when it does, it requires immediate attention. This might even lead to oxidation of the inner part of the tank causing damage to the filter, the engine feeding system, the injectors.

Furthermore, this may even break the injection pump & the cylinder head as well. It’s significant destruction, which might cost you $3500 to repair, in addition to the $250 that will require the emptying & the cleaning of the deposit.

Lack of coolant

Nothing could be worse for an engine than an excess of temperature. The antifreeze protects it from low external temperatures alongside the calcareous formations in the cooling circuits. For that specifically, the cost of the maintenance operation might be around $90.

So check the levels of the deposit as if you don’t do it. In case you run out of coolant, the engine will overheat causing severe breakdowns in the mechanics. Make sure you drive to the reliable provider for car maintenance in Dubai for regular inspection.