Candle packaging Boxes Ideas: Inspiring and Creative Ideas

Candle packaging Boxes

The company we represent, Custom Box Maker, is one of the leading packaging companies in the world. However, we are known for making hard-core yet attractive packaging for our clients. Our team will show you all the tricks and features of candle boxes, along with how they are made.

A box is designed keeping in mind every essential element. The fewer elements it contains, the more attractive the box will be. Our candles are also available in wholesale packaging with great discounts. What are your ideas for making candle packaging stand out? The following five outrageous, creative, and unique candle box ideas will blow your mind if you don’t know them already

Candle packaging Boxes: Choose the right material

At Custom Box Maker, we make custom candle packaging boxes from sustainable materials. Using these materials ensures their durability and user-friendliness. Materials are available in the following options:

Box made of Kraft:

Candle boxes made from Kraft are great. Candle boxes made from Kraft are great. The biodegradable and eco-friendly Kraft candle boxes are perfect for any occasion. You will be able to burn your candles safely due to Kraft material’s greater durability. In addition, Kraft can be easily moved, despite being lightweight.

Boxes made of card stock:

Lightweight and transportable, card stock is ideal for manufacturing. Packaging made from card stock is more aesthetically pleasing when it’s printed. Boxes made from this material make candles look stunning. Cardstock is also a wonderful way to make candles look luxurious and attractive, so it works well with luxury candle packaging boxes. Unlike boxes used for international shipping, these boxes can’t be used for international shipping. However, they are ideal for domestic shipments.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard:

When sending bulk candles internationally, you’ll want to use a corrugated box to increase safety. These boxes contain two linerboards and flutes for maximum protection. They can be customized to suit your needs. Moreover, wholesale candles can be packaged in this type of box.

Boxes with rigidity:

A high level of quality is present in rigid materials. In light of candles’ sensitivity when shipping internationally, we recommend using the box type for candles. Compared to normal brown or white boxes, these boxes are more elegant and sophisticated. These boxes will serve you well for luxurious purposes. These boxes can be customized according to your preferences.

Make your Candle Boxes Stylish by Offering a Stylish Opening

At Custom Box Maker, we offer a wide variety of attractive and aesthetically pleasing box opening styles. To make your product appealing to customers, the way the box opens is very important. There are a few box styles you can choose from:

The Sleeve Box:

Keeping candles in sealed boxes will keep them attractive and elegant. In addition, it will ensure their safety. However, the boxes are made with the best features by our packaging company. The boxes will make candles stand out from the crowd. This sealed box features a window option for beautifully displaying your candles.

The Mailer Box:

The mailboxes are very easy to use. Their adhesive-free design makes them very easy to use. The mailer boxes, however, greatly enhance the appearance of candles. A variety of cuttings and highlights are available for you to customize your mailer boxes. Our company manufactures multiple types of customized candle boxes wholesale, so you can keep your candles in a lovely manner.

Boxes with tuck end:

Simple and useful, the tuck-end box is a style most people recognize. With this box, candles will be safely contained. Additionally, this box is available in either rectangular or square shapes. Because of this, put into position technique, this type of box is user-friendly.

The Box of two pieces:

You should grab two-piece candle boxes if you’re looking for a strong and attractive box. You can opt for this style box if you prefer luxury candle packaging. In addition, the box features a beautiful front cover, and the inside of the box can be customized with any design you desire.

Embellish candle boxes with beautiful graphic themes

The box can be printed and decorated with various graphics and prints to make it look appealing. For additional decoration, you may use color printing designs of your choosing. In this way, you can personalize the look of your candle boxes by adding a variety of designs and textures. Nevertheless, embossing and debossing techniques can also be used. In addition, you can incorporate techniques like UV spots, fusing, lamination, stamp, and sticker designs based on the graphic you want to create for candle packaging to look professional and visually appealing. Additionally, you can come up with creative ideas to make your candle boxes look appealing to customers. We can customize it as per your need, desire and demand. On the other hand, the box can be decorated with anything. For example, you can add your logo, an introduction, a short message, the aroma of the candle wax, etc.

Choosing a color model that matches your brand

Choose beautiful colors for your box to make it more appealing. On the other hand, choosing the right product colors will make it more effective in attracting customers. We will present these colors:

Model Enterprises CMYK:

In the CMYK model, there are four colors: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black. Consequently, you can blend these colors to create your desired color for candle box customization, and the pixel quality will not be impacted and never be compromised. Some fonts and colors can be selected to match your candles.

The Pantone Model:

Compared with other types, Pantone’s matching system offers a more extensive color selection. Gift boxes, however, are better suited to this type of system. In addition, be sure to specify the color model when ordering.

Consider a coating for your candle boxes

You should not only focus on manufacturing to make your boxes attractive, so give it an attractive finish. Are you looking for packaging that stands out? As a final step, use a coating on the candle packaging to make it look good even after repeated handling. The coating will also keep the printing ink intact longer. As a result, coated candle boxes are essential for customization.

What does finishing mean?

Boxes can be given a great appearance by applying coatings and finishes. As well, finishing techniques and printing techniques can improve the visual appeal of a box while simultaneously increasing its market value. Below are the coatings we offer for candle boxes:

Coating of glass:

For your inside products, we offer glossy coatings that look shiny and slick. The coatings reflect light effectively and look shiny and slick. There is no doubt that it will catch people’s attention. Furthermore, you may also choose to package your candles in vibrant colors and colors using this coating.

The matte coating:

Matte coatings have a smooth surface that lacks a glossy appearance. Your customers will experience the luxurious feel of the matte touch of the box when grabbing the product.

Spot UV finishing

The final finishing is done with spot UV. Laminating the paper and adding the ink layers must be completed before the drying process can begin. On top of the paper is printed the Spot UV, which is then dried to produce the finished product.

Aqueous finishing

Water-based, quick-drying, clear coatings are used to protect the printed pieces. With this finish, you can choose from glossy, matte, or soft-touch options. In comparison with varnish or UV coatings, aqueous coatings are more sustainable since they are water-based.

What makes us the best?

Because we are experts at presenting your packaging in an appealing, eye-catching manner, it will lead to more sales. As a bonus, we customize our packaging so that it stands out from the crowd. Additionally, our boxes are eco-friendly, pocket, and budget-friendly. This means that your products are on safe ground. The boxes we provide will make your products last longer. Furthermore, in addition to the specifications above, we offer you more detailed information to help you with your decision-making process. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our company. Our experts provide 24/7 free assistance to your queries.