What is important to know when choosing a hospital in Lahore?


The federal network of expert oncology cancer clinics operating under the brand is a Pakistan network of private specialized oncological centers that provide a full range of cancer diagnostics and treatment according to modern world standards.

Our story began with opening one of the first private specialized oncological centers in the Pakistan Federation in the center of Lahore. The clinic’s concept remains unchanged to this day – it is the world’s best practices, expert doctors, modern equipment, the latest drugs, innovative techniques, a high level of comfort, service, and care for each patient.

Find out why patients choose Pakistan clinics for cancer treatment.

List of the best cancer centers and hospitals in Lahore according to patient reviews

Our country accepts cancer patients worldwide for treatment, come here patients from neighboring best cancer clinic in Pakistan. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple: in Lahore, even those patients who have been recognized as hopeless by oncologists in their own country receive hope for healing.

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Cancer clinic in Lahore
Cancer clinic in Lahore

Three pillars of the health care system in Lahore

When deciding to go abroad for treatment, patients often choose Lahore. The country attracts a high level of medicine development in all directions, eminent doctors, well-equipped clinics, and affordable prices. To not be mistaken with choosing a suitable medical institution, one should understand the peculiarities of the Lahore healthcare structure.

The Lahore health care system is divided into three segments: public, private, and the health insurance sector. All of them are subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the country, whose functions include:

  • The registration of medical institutions.
  • The issuance of licenses.
  • The implementation of sanitary and preventive control.

Lahore clinics accept citizens of any country for treatment, while the same regulations serve such patients as residents. There are no separate instructions for interacting with medical tourists, so services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please find out more about the possibilities of undergoing oncology treatment in medical centers in Lahore by contacting us for advice.

What is important to know when choosing a hospital in Lahore?

  • What is the patient looking for in the first place? A beautiful hospital building or a living person who can help in his situation? Of course, patients are looking for a doctor. You need to know for sure that this particular doctor specializes in your disease, that he is the best specialist in this field, that he has a name and vast experience in treating your disease.
  • Secondly, it is worth remembering that there are more opportunities in the larger medical centers in Lahore. However, the level of equipment of all Lahore clinics is at a very high level.
  • It is also worth paying attention to whether the clinic is public or private. This affects the choice of a doctor.

Cancer Treatment Center – To provide the best possible healthcare to the less privileged with compassion, respect and dignity, irrespective of their race or religion.


The treatment of oncological diseases in the European clinic is carried out following the European Medical Society of Oncology (ESMO). We have available all the techniques that are practiced in the world’s leading cancer centers. We use original drugs of the latest generation, including those recently approved in Pakistan.

How is pediatric oncology treated in Lahore clinics?

We have assembled a team of excellent medical specialists with extensive experience in leading cancer centers in Pakistan. All of them completed an internship at our Moscow clinic. Everyone is an expert in their field and works following current international guidelines. During the first meeting, the doctor conducts an initial examination of the patient, collects anamnesis, identifies complaints, and analyzes medical documentation. Then a diagnostic plan is drawn up, which can include:

  • Lab tests.
  • Instrumental research.
  • Various diagnostic procedures (biopsy, puncture).

During a second consultation, a specialist examines the results of the examination and makes an accurate diagnosis. Then the oncologist draws up a treatment plan and continues to monitor the patient’s condition throughout its duration.

Innovative technologies for the treatment of oncology in Lahore clinics

An oncologist is a specialist who first of all gets any patient with a suspected malignant tumor. The doctor will collect anamnesis (ask about complaints, lifestyle, past illnesses, close relatives’ health status), conduct an examination, prescribe the necessary tests and studies, and make up the optimal treatment tactics.

An Oncologist – is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, melanoma. We pay great attention to this area because the Krasnodar Territory is a sunny region, and ultraviolet radiation is the main risk factor for malignant skin tumors. An oncologist knows how to distinguish a benign “mole” from a malignant one and properly treat a tumor at different stages.

Oncologist – a specialist in the field of malignant breast tumors. This type of cancer ranks first in the list of cancers in women.

Second opinion and telemedicine

In oncology, complex, ambiguous situations often arise. The diagnosis may not be unequivocal, and sometimes the prescribed treatment does not work. Some patients want to know if a more gentle treatment is possible in their case. In such situations, it is worth getting a second opinion. Doctors of the Lahore Clinic in Pakistan provide such a service.

In our clinic, patients from Krasnodar can receive telemedicine consultations. This is a great opportunity to consult with doctors from Moscow and Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, the Pak, and other countries, without leaving the city. In complicated cases, our doctors can quickly get advice from their Lahore and foreign colleagues.