Can a Manglik Marry a Non- Manglik

Can a Manglik Marry a Non- Manglik

Being Manglik is a major astrological issue among Hindus. Mangal dosha or Manglik dosha is assumed to be a bad omen, especially in marriage astrology. The serious debate about whether a Manglik marrying a non-Manglik person is fair or not. Is it as risky as we believe? Most often, the concept of Manglik dosha even ends up in marital issues. Is it true that the Manglik issue causes a rift in marriage or divorce or early death? Is Vedic astrology stating the same?

Often it is seen that couples try their best to convince parents about a marriage involving a Manglik girl but most parents are averse to it. However, there are stories of successful marriages of Manglik and non-Manglik people.

Should we be serious about the Manglik issue or neglect it? Can a Manglik dosha in the birth chart create ruckus in life? Is there a solution to the problem? Let us discuss them.

What does being Manglik mean as per horoscope?

As per Vedic astrology, when the birth chart in a person’s Janampatri has the planet Mars placed in first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and 12th house, it causes Mangal dosha or the chart is considered as Manglik.

What are the effects of Manglik dosha on married life?

How does Manglik dosha cause a ruckus in married life? Astrology texts state that Mars may cause distractions, distance, separation, or legal separation in married life. Usually, Mars is a natural malefic planet that is aggressive and arrogant. This can harm the relations badly.

Will a non-Manglik person marrying a Manglik person face untimely death? Should we treat this seriously?

Let’s take a look at some effects of Manglik dosha based on its placements.

  • When Mars is placed in the 12th house, it aspects the seventh house which is a house of Marriage. This creates distance in the relationship.
  • When Mars is in the first house, the native may be arrogant and hyper that can finally cause a break in the relationship.
  • If Mars is in the fourth house, it aspects the seventh house and the result will be the lack of happiness in domestic life.
  • When Mars is placed in the seventh house, separation or legal separation in marriage may happen.
  • If Mars is in the eighth house, it aspects the second house of family and can hamper relations in the family.

Can a Manglik and non-Manglik marry?

As Mars or Mangal denotes energy, courage, and confidence in a native, it has got a crucial role in Vedic Astrology but Manglik or Kuja Dosha is treated as inauspicious for marriage-related matters. The marriage horoscope states that it is always good for a Manglik person to marry a Manglik native.

Astrology texts state that a Manglik and a non-Manglik will create issues but they can be resolved. If the opposite non-Manglik native’s chart has a strong placement and influence of natal Saturn, the marriage will be successful. An expert astrologer can read the horoscopes and can give suggestions on whether the marriage can take place or not. The compatibility of both charts needs to be analyzed properly before finalizing the marriage. Consulting an astrologer would give an idea about the effects and remedies for the same.

Does a Manglik dosha get canceled?

No. The bad yoga or dosha caused by Manglik cannot be canceled but its impact can be curbed through special pujas to enjoy a hassle-free life. Neutralizing the dosha will be beneficial to have a good life in the long term. Ask a reliable astrologer for more information. These days, online future predictions are available and you can consult a reputed astrologer to know more.