How Can We Enhance the Flavor of Our Vapers in Different Ways?

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In the world of vaping, there are as many types of vapers as there are devices. Some users prefer powerful electronic cigarettes that manage to make impressive clouds. On the other hand, some prefer discreet vaping and are more similar to traditional cigarettes. There is another category of vape users who prefer a big blow to the throat. The story does not end here because many users love the sensation that the nicotine salts cause them or those who seek that the flavor is exceptional and faithful to what the brands propose to us.

If you are one of these latest vapers, there are some tips and recommendations that can help you maximize the flavor of your liquids.

Performance of the Vaping Mode

The first of them would be related to vaping mode. Whether you choose the power control or the temperature control, the liquids will have one performance or another depending on the settings you select. It, in turn, is associated with the type of resistance we are using. Today, almost all resistors have the power range in which they perform best on one side. Something similar will be if we think of food, where it is not the same to enjoy a dish that is undercooked or well done than to eat it when it is perfectly done. It is the same if we apply it to liquids. It is advisable to try the settings until we find the right point where we love vaping, and the flavor is more faithful. Normally, it is done by choosing the minimum power set by the resistance and increasing it gradually. Generally, we can get all this information from the labels of custom printed vape packaging boxes

Airflow Adjustment

Another tip would be to adjust the airflow. Typically, a more open airflow contributes to big clouds. If we reduce the airflow, it makes the puff more closed, and the flavor concentrates. Remember that you cannot completely close the airflow, as you will not be able to vape (no vapor will come out), and the atomizer can overheat even to the point that the tank glass is broken. As with the power control, we usually recommend starting with the airflow control closed. After that, we need to open it little by little until we find a good balance and the point where we feel comfortable. Regarding the airflow location in an atomizer, tanks are usually designed to achieve a better flavor. The reason is that they have their airflow incident from the bottom and directed towards the resistance.

Resistances to Achieve the Flavor

Resistances also play a significant role in achieving flavor. Previously, the first atomizers used to have the resistances adjusted in the top cover. This particular reason sometimes caused them not to get soaked properly. In some cases, you were getting a burnt flavor. Then came the sub-ohm resistors that allowed a greater production of flavor and vapor. Finally, the serviceable atomizers arrived. These atomizers started enabling what many consider to be the ultimate vaping experience. These atomizers allow a more personalized vaping but require more experience. The reason is that you need to manufacture or assemble the resistors, add the cotton, and adjust the resistors. In this way, these atomizers heat appropriately from the center to the outside. With this type of atomizer and resistors, you can achieve the purest flavor undoubtedly that you can get.

How to Transmit Flavor While Vaping?

The type of cotton can also influence how the flavor is transmitted when vaping. In the first resistances, the material they used altered the taste of the liquids. Currently, cotton is often considered the best material for vaping. And while talking about cotton, Japanese organic cotton allows good absorption and high quality at affordable prices. 

Awareness About Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

The proportion of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in our liquids also influences the flavor we can achieve. The higher the PG level, the better the flavor you can convey (in addition to throat hit). Each vaper looks for a specific type of vaping, so finding your ideal percentage between flavor and vapor is very personal. Normally, we need to achieve a 50/50 percentage usually. It means good vapor, excellent flavor, and throat hit.

The Type of Mouthpiece

Although it may seem an insignificant detail, the type of mouthpiece we use will also affect the flavor and vapor we obtain. Many mouthpieces are available from wider to narrower, long to short, and even made of different materials. Also, many atomizers usually have several nozzles included. Many other brands also have exclusive nozzles (which are commonly known as proprietary drip tips). Normally, the wider nozzles favor the production of steam.


Finally, something that seems obvious is cleanliness. The cleaner your tank is and the newer the resistance, the better flavor it will be. It means a better vaping experience. The resistances usually last between 5-7 days (depending on the use, the power, etc.). Once the days go by with the same resistance, we will notice a specific decrease in the quality of the flavor. There are heating elements. Although they do not give the characteristic burnt taste when resistance has finished its useful life, 

you can notice that it is time to change it due to the noticeable decrease in flavor or vapor. In the cotton of a repairable atomizer, the ideal is to change it every day or two