Where Can I Buy Kraft Boxes In A Small Quantity?

Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are without a doubt the leading choice for all businesses looking to promote their brand image. Their tough unpretentious design is the key ingredient for brilliant corporate branding strategies. And the fact they’re all made from 100% recycled materials is simply the icing on the top of the sundae. A large amount of customization you can offer to them makes Kraft boxes just as versatile as they are practical. However, when choosing a box, there are a few important things to consider. For instance, are you choosing the cardboard type or the plastic version?

The difference between the two is quite vast. For instance, the cardboard Kraft boxes are usually just a flat sheet of white paper. When choosing them for your next custom campaign, it’s important to decide if you’d like your box to have custom cutouts. By adding cutouts, you’re essentially taking your brand name and placing it into the packaging of your product – something that your customers will remember.

Boxes with cutouts can be useful for a few reasons. Firstly, they allow your company logo to be seen clearly. Secondly, the presence of cutouts means that your customer can easily identify the product inside. Thirdly, a heavy item such as a bottle of wine will sit much better if it’s not sitting on a smooth, flat surface. If you’re choosing the plain cardboard variety, make sure the bottom Kraft box you choose has plenty of cutouts to enable your brand to be seen.

When choosing cardboard kraft boxes, your options are also very limited. There are a few different types – for example, you can get cube-shaped boxes that are great for storing your smaller, lower quality products. You can also find ‘diver’ or ‘wind’ style boxes. These are ideal for storing wines, champagne and other alcoholic drinks that are too heavy to travel in the cardboard packaging.


A cardboard Kraft boxes manufacturer can supply you with eco-friendly options too. By using recycled paper, you can ensure that you’re not contributing to the destruction of the environment. This in turn means further investment in your company by ensuring you’re promoting responsible and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Most eco-friendly printers and packaging solution providers offer this kind of service, so if you’re not sure whether they’ll be able to fulfil your requirements, always ask.

Plastic is widely used to create Kraft boxes, but one problem is that whilst it’s extremely durable and hard-wearing, it’s also not biodegradable. So what do you do if you want to purchase Kraft paper but at the same time, help out the environment? You could choose a company that offers both Kraft boxes and eco-friendly packing solutions – but bear in mind that in the end, plastic packaging may be the cheapest option. It’s also true that it does allow you to create your own custom packaging, which may have the desired effect on your customers.

In order to provide you with an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard kraft boxes, many suppliers also supply custom Kraft box manufacturers who can cut out any excess material used from your original design. You can have your company logo printed onto the outside of the box or any other place you want. Custom cutouts allow you to create unique shapes and designs which will compliment your brand and help to build brand awareness. Similarly, you can have your company logo printed on the inside of the box itself.

One of the advantages of using a custom-made box is that you’re able to control the colour of the product as well as the thickness of the cardboard. You may choose to go for a thick, dark blue box to go with your business’s branding, or perhaps a lighter, more colourful option like pink or green. The same goes for the colours used for the company logo. Finpackaging company offering thousands of different options for customising your box so you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your brand. From promotional products such as pens, calculators and calendars to everyday office equipment like rulers and address books, there are many different ways to make your brand stand out and get noticed.