Requesting a Budget for Led Screens: The 9 Fundamental Points to Take Into Account


If you are considering the acquisition of one or more LED screens, it is important that you know the most important aspects on which your budget is based. The use that you are going to give them, the place where they are going to be installed and the size they have are some of the data that we need to know in order to be able to advise you on your project.

However, there are other factors less known but equally important, which will be decisive to choose the products that suit you and which, logically, will also influence the final budget. In this article you will know some of them.

  1. Use of led screens

Do you want to rent a screen for a specific event (for example, a day, a weekend …)? Do you need it for rent for a longer period of time? Would you prefer to buy it? Surely this first point is the one you have most clearly. Even so, we recommend that you do not lose sight of options such as renting. At LED Display we offer it for some of our products and allows you to access a long-term rental for a very affordable price.

You can check the option of renting in the article Move to the digital signage for € 24 a month with our rental service for signs.

  1. Protection

Will it be out in the open or will it be protected from the different weather conditions? Depending on this, you will need a different degree of protection.

  • Protection IP20: does not protect the LED screens against water, so they should always be located in indoor locations, where the weather is not a problem.
  • IP65 protection: the screens with this protection are specially designed to be located outdoors, since they resist possible wettings produced by inclement weather.
  1. Type of opening

The type of opening will affect the way in which the interior of the screens is accessed. This is important to facilitate the work when installing or performing periodic maintenance tasks.

As you can see, the different types of opening of the screens are a fundamental point to take into account, although many times it is not noticed until the moment of budgeting.

Rear plate opening

The place where the opening is located should be chosen taking into account the place where the screen will be mounted. For example, if the situation of the LED screen is going to be the cornice of a building, a rear opening will be used. In this way, the person in charge of maintenance can access the interior of the device from its rear doors.

It could also be used on facades, provided that a structure was located behind that allowed access to the back and open it.

Front plate opening

It is used for small format screens. The interior of the screen is accessed by opening the plate upwards as if it were a gate, using a system of hinges.

Modular plate opening

This mode is chosen for most of the screens located on building facades, when they are large format and the front opening cannot be hinged due to its weight and span.

In this case, a magnet system is used to remove the plates and access the interior of the LED screens.

  1. Brightness

The brightness of a LED screen is an extremely important factor, as is logical. It depends on him that the visualization of the images is correct in the different light conditions of the surroundings.

In addition to that, it will directly affect the energy consumption of the screen, that is, the expenditure on electricity.

It is important to keep this in mind to choose the right brightness. If we use too much brightness, we will waste a lot of energy (and money) and, if the brightness is not enough, we will have made a bad investment, since a screen whose content cannot be seen, completely loses its reason for being.

  1. Size of the led screen

The normal thing is to give the basic measurements by height in meters or millimeters. However, when manufacturing to measure, in LED Display Supplier we can adapt to any measure or form that our clients request.

If you are looking for something different, simply tell us what you need and we will tell you all the possibilities.

  1. Special features

Have you considered the extras you need? Consider if you need the screen to have a specific feature (remote control, temperature module, automatic brightness …). Each feature that you add can make a big difference in the service provided by the LED screen and how comfortable it is for you to use it.

  1. Shipping

Are you in a hurry to start using the screen? Depending on the type of shipment you choose (by plane or boat), you can enjoy a price or another. This choice will also determine the waiting time, of course.

  1. Geographic context

Sometimes, when we receive a budget request, we ask for the exact location of the place where the screen will be installed. The intention is to be able to see the location in Google Maps and thus get a first idea of the needs that the project will have.

Will it give you the sun directly? Will there be enough space to install a structure in case you need a rear opening? Will automatic brightness be necessary so as not to disturb the neighbours?