Breast Reconstruction Surgery after Mastectomy


Breast reconstruction can be performed in the same session with cancer surgery in all patients who are not likely to receive radiotherapy. The only exception to this group is patients who will receive a partial breast and then receive radiotherapy. Breast repair is performed in this group at the same time as cancer surgery and then they receive radiotherapy.

Breast repair is not performed concurrently with cancer surgery in cases whose breasts are completely removed and will receive radiotherapy because radiotherapy has negative effects on soft tissues and prosthesis. It causes asymmetries, deformations and bad cosmetic results in prosthesis and patients who have used their own tissue. However, patients with partial breast removal and subsequent radiotherapy are exceptions. After tumor removal, the shaping of the breast and, if necessary, the symmetry of the opposite breast can be performed simultaneously with cancer surgery. Patients then receive radiotherapy.

Breast Cancer can’t steel your Inner Beauty

Every woman with breast cancer wants to get rid of cancer and breast as well as not to lose. However, because of the life-threatening nature of cancer over the years, only getting rid of cancer has been kept in the foreground, and repair attempts have been put to second place. As a result of breast loss, women often suffer from many psycho-social problems such as depression and affective disorder, loss of sexual desire, deterioration in body perception, and fear of repetition of femininity, concerns about recurrence of the disease, difficulty in finding suitable clothes, and the difficulties caused by breast prostheses applied in the form of bras.

Due to a better understanding of breast cancer biology and advances in surgical techniques, breast reconstruction is now possible in most women with breast cancer immediately or late after mastectomy. These developments have resulted in dramatically improved outcomes of breast repair, acceptance of breast repair, and change in expectations.

Effect of Mastectomy on Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy techniques have undoubtedly had the greatest impact on the application of breast reconstruction to an increasing number of patients. As a result, with the developments in multidisciplinary approach, more and more preventive mastectomy is applied. Studies have repeatedly shown that the risk of local recurrence and secondary cancer development is similar only between mastectomy and breast reconstruction. In addition, some studies have shown that mortality and distant metastasis tend to decrease in patients undergoing breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction can bring your breast back

As a result of the experience gained through various interventions, the indications for breast reconstruction surgery in India have expanded. The destructive emotional effect of mastectomy can be reduced by early reconstruction. Early reconstruction following ablative intervention led to a decrease in the incidence of depression after mastectomy. In such a surgical approach, early reconstruction is attractive because the skin flaps are flexible and easy to maintain the nipple line. Thus, immediate breast reconstruction provides undisputed cosmetic superiority.

Breast reconstruction of the patient should be fully evaluated. For safe and successful reconstruction, the patient should be in a suitable medical, surgical and psychological condition. The patient’s general medical condition, family history for breast cancer, cancer treatments applied to her, height, weight, bra number, smoking, planned or ended chemotherapy or radiotherapy and surgery are among the subjects that should be examined. During physical examination, the condition of the chest wall skin, pectoralis major muscle and scars should be examined.