A Streamline Solution to All Your Braces Prior Authorization

Braces Prior Authorization

The process of prior authorization has always been barriers for physicians, healthcare providers staff in delivering time-based care; which is necessary for the patient’s betterment. In fact, new research has shown that the delay of the prior authorization process at times even cause patients healthcare issues, that could easily be avoided if the prior authorization process were done faster and effectively right on the time.

According to AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey of 2018, an alarming rate of 91% of patients has experiences delay in access to the necessary care in their prior authorization process. the most disturbing factor in all this complex prior authorization process is that about 28% of physicians say the Prior Authorization process often has led to serious medical hazard like hospitalization, disability, permanent bodily damage, a life-threatening event or death; which could have been easily avoided if the patients received timely medication.

Even with all these problems, the process of prior authorization is not going any day soon, over the past two years 99% of organizations have seen a significant increase in the number of medical procedures that require prior authorization; as surveyed by Porter Research revenue cycle management and care management leaders. This is why finding the right operational extension becomes very vital.

PriorAuth Online: A Perfect Destination to All Your Braces Prior Authorization:

PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge services Inc is an authorization platform working faster and effectively closing all authorization gaps following every authorization guideline. It is a web-based platform performing approval, initiation, and follow-up and handling any number of authorization volumes. Reducing your operational cost by 80% PriorAuth Online guarantee 100% braces prior authorization submission on the same day.

Being the operational extension for most of the healthcare providers in the US, PriorAuth Online helps in delivering outstanding prior authorization solution for all DME, orthotics, prosthetics, braces prior authorization and many more.

To experience a stress-free authorization platform for your braces prior authorization and other authorization processes, now you know the right destination. For more information on PriorAuth Online benefits get in touch with our expert over a no-commitment call, we are just a call away.