Best Online Therapy Applications Of 2022

Online Therapy

Whenever we experience any mental health issue or disorder, we tend to research it on Google. However, do you know there are so many applications available on Android and iOS platforms for online therapy?

Online therapy applications not only provide therapy or counseling, but they also provide help in various coping strategies like meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, quotes, reminders, and more. If you’re considering online therapy and looking for the best platform which can meet your needs, you’ve landed on the right page. In this blog, I have enlisted the 10 best online therapy applications of 2022. So, let’s get started.

10 Best Online Therapy Applications

  1. BetterHelp

Price: Begins from $240 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

BetterHelp is our overall best choice and first pick because it is one of the largest platforms available for mental health counseling and therapy services. BetterHelp is an easy-to-use and highest rating platform that always fits patients’ needs. Additionally, the price is pretty low when compared with other platforms. Moreover, before registering users can also refer to the therapist’s bios so that they can connect more with the assigned therapist. The only disadvantage I found about BetterHelp is that there is no trial version available for users.

  1. Talkspace

Price: Begins from $65 per week

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Talkspace is the other best platform available for online therapy. The overall website and applications are user-friendly and easy to navigate. The best part I loved about Talkspace is that users can also get medication management services. The other best part is that users get free 10 minutes intro call after signing up. Talkspace was founded in 2012 and now they offer services for couples, teens, psychiatry, medication management, and more. Talkspace follows HIPAA compliance and users’ privacy is maintained after signing up to the platform.

  1. ReGain Counseling

Price: Begins from $240 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android )

ReGain is an online therapy platform that is specially created for couples. It offers subscriptions at budget-friendly prices. Not only this, but ReGain’s website is full of resources related to relationships, marriage, commitment, and more. ReGain has welcomed so many satisfied ratings and reviews in the last few years by the users. If you’re looking for couples counseling, you can blindly opt for this platform. The only disadvantage I felt is that you cannot choose your therapist on your own, the therapist is chosen for you.


  1. Cerebral

Price: Begins from$29 (for in-network insurance)

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Cerebral is a leading online therapy platform because it offers talk therapy and medication management services at the same time. Additionally, it also accepts many insurance plans. However, insurance plans vary by state, therefore, you might have to check with your insurance provider before enrolling or signing up for the services. The best part I loved about Cerebral is that therapist’s bios are available on the website; it helps in maintaining the connection with the therapist. All of the therapists appointed by Cerebral are licensed and experienced.

  1. Wellnite

Price: Begins from $75 per month

App Availability: Yes

When compared with other online therapy platforms, Wellnite offers the most budget-friendly talk therapy and medication management services. The specialty of Wellnite is the treatment of depression and anxiety. Monthly subscriptions are more budget-friendly. The therapists of Wellnite provide therapy on the basis of Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The only disadvantage I felt about Wellnite is that therapists’ bios are not available on the website. However, their website is full of informational resources and users can also subscribe to their newsletter for daily updates.

  1. Rethink My Therapy

Price: Begins from $99 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android)

ReThink My Therapy is one of the fastest-growing platforms in mental health services. The subscription rates are pretty affordable but as of now, they don’t accept any type of insurance. Users can seek therapy individually, with partners, or with family members. ReThink My Therapy follow HIPAA compliance and maintains users’ privacy. This service provides therapy for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, personality development, and more. It is one of the best therapy platforms for families.

  1. Ayana Therapy

Price: Begins from $140 per session

App Availability: No

Ayana Therapy was specially developed for minority groups, marginalized people, and other communities so that they can also seek therapy easily with maintaining their personal and cultural background and values. Ayana Therapy was developed with a goal for serving communities that belongs to BIPOC, marginalized, or other communities. The priorities of Ayana Therapy are accessibility, affordability, and inclusion. All of the therapists are experienced, licensed, and trained to handle issues related to these communities. The only disadvantage is that they don’t provide medication management services.

  1. Amwell

Price: Begins from $109 per session

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Amwell is a flexible online therapy platform that provides sessions with licensed counselors and therapists weekly and weekdays. Additionally, the timings are also flexible, users can also schedule sessions in the evenings according to their availability. Also, it accepts various types of insurance. Sessions are limited to 45 minutes but they can be accommodated according to the user’s availability. Amwell provides help for various mental health issues like trauma, stress management, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, OCD, and more. Their specialty is couples therapy but they also offer sessions individually.


  1. Pride Counseling

Price: Begins from $240 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Pride Counseling is the child platform of BetterHelp. The main goal of Pride counseling is to provide quality online therapy to the LGBTQ+ community. All of the therapists appointed by Pride are licensed, experienced, and trained to handle issues related to the LGBTQ+. The only disadvantage of Pride is no free trial availability. However, multiple communication options are available with unlimited messaging services. Pride counseling provides services for all types of mental health issues and disorders along with problems and issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

  1. Teladoc

Price: Begins from $99

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Teladoc is the best online therapy platform for psychiatry. All of the therapists are licensed and experienced. The specialty of Teladoc is teenage therapy. Teladoc provides services in more than 130 countries. The best part about Teladoc is that they provide medication management services for Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Additionally, they also support various insurance plans. The only disadvantage I felt is that users have to create an account to check therapist’s bios and insurance coverage.

I hope this blog helps you with the 10 best online therapy platforms.

Thanks for reading!