Best Itinerary for Dubai and Mauritius Expedition


Dubai is one of the luxurious countries in the world and there are so many thrilling activities & adventures to experience. If we talk about Mauritius then there are endless things to explore the spectacular city. Both cities are a great combination if you are planning to visit super adventurer destinations. Where Dubai is known for its largest mosques, desert safari, shopping, and beautiful island, Mauritius is also famous for its flower species, beautiful landscapes, and amazing sightseeing. If you are looking for a great itinerary then Dubai and Mauritius is a great option you would ever find. Here we have a day wise itinerary to make your Dubai and Mauritius holiday special. You can follow the steps is you are going without any Dubai Mauritius tour package.  

Day 1: Landing in Dubai- Stay in Abu Dhabi

On day 1 after landing at Dubai airport, you will head to Abu-Dhabi. To reach Abu-Dhabi take the Sheikh Zayed road because it is one of the roads who connects directly Abu-Dhabi to Dubai. In this little road journey, you would need your camera to capture amazing views. After reaching Abu-Dhabi, check-in to your hotel, have some delicious meal and spend the whole night in Abu-Dhabi.

Day 2: Abu-Dhabi Tour with Ferrari World

On day 2 you will head to Abu-Dhabi City tour and Ferrari World so wake up early, have your breakfast and leave for the city tour. Abu-Dhabi is the largest city of UAE so you have so many things to explore in one day. Firstly, you will head to the Sheikh Zayed mosque to explore the concept of Islam. Sheikh Zayed mosque is the largest mosque in the world and it’s a great example of amazing architecture. Now you will move to Abu-Dhabi city center to see the beautiful Marina Mall & Abu-Dhabi Museum. So it’s enough for the first half of the day. Now you move to the Ferrari world- the largest theme park and enjoy the speed ride with the fastest coasters. Now it’s evening so head back to the hotel before it’s dark and enjoy the dinner.

Day 3: Abu Dhabi to Dubai- Desert Safari

The 3rd day is the end of the Abu Dhabi tour and now it’s time to leave for Dubai by the desert safari. Finish your breakfast and head to the Alkhatim. The way to Alkhatim is from the desert, so enjoy the beautiful views of highest sand dunes and capture those moments in your camera. Now secondly it’s the time for desert safari so move out to your camps and enjoy the camel ride at Dubai fashion with the traditional belly dance. Now it’s evening so have your dinner at your camp and head back to your hotel.

Day 4: Dubai City Tour

Now on day 4, it’s time to Dubai city tour so wake up early, have your breakfast and be prepared for the city tour. Start your day by some prayers so head to the Jumeirah Mosque, stat with some pray and enjoy the beauty of the amazing mosque. You could also hang out sometime to Bur Dubai, spice market & Gold Souk while you are on the way to Jumeirah Mosque. Now move on to the Dubai Museum and know the history of Dubai’s transformation from old to new. Now the third part of the day is to visit Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and Palm Island so take out your cameras capture the breathtaking views. So it’s enough for the day now get back to your hotel and have some dinner and get the bed.

Day 5: The Burj Khalifa Tour

On day 5 you will head for the Burj Khalifa tour so get ready and leave for the world’s highest skyscraper- Burj Khalifa. Get to the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa for the amazing view of incredible Dubai that is impossible to describe. Now it’s time for shopping at the largest shopping mall in the world which is on the ground floor of Burj Khalifa. Shop here everything you like and then leave for the hotel.

Day 6: Arrival to Mauritius

Now it’s time to pack up and leave for Mauritius. Have your breakfast and get your flight to Mauritius. After landing at Mauritius all day is free so head to your hotels and enjoy the hospitality of the hotel. You can hang out the nearby places if you are not feeling tired. So do whatever you want and enjoy the first night in Mauritius.

Day 7: North Mauritius Island Tour

Now on the 7th day, it’s time to visit the North Mauritius island but before heading to the island explore the capital city of Mauritius- Port Louise. The National Botanical Garden is the main point of attraction in Port Louise, so here you can explore the real natural beauty of landscapes along with different kinds of flower species. Your next destination will be North Mauritius and here you will see the beautifully designed museums, waterfront shopping complex, and the beautiful city architecture. So it’s the first day in Mauritius’s Islands, now it’s time to get back to the hotel and get rest all night.

Day 8: Ile Aux Cerf Island Tour

Now it’s day for Ile Aux Cerf Island tour so get ready for the tour. Now head to the Ile Aux Cerf Island by riding on the speed boat. The beautiful island has green mountains, tropical rainforest, blue water beaches surrounded by beautiful white sand and numerous activities of enjoyment. You can also enjoy water sports, sea diving, and parasailing. Now lastly, enjoy the beautiful sunset on the island and get back to your hotel.

Day 9: South Mauritius Tour

So on the last day of the tour here, head to South Mauritius and feel the real nature creatures like crocodiles, tortoise, and the beautiful butterfly collection. Next, head to the Temple Grand Basin, Chamarel Village, High Chamarel Village waterfall. So that’s enough for the Mauritius tour now it’s time to get back to the hotel and enjoy the last night of the Dubai and Mauritius tour.

Day 10: Departure

The day 10 is the way to home to have your breakfast and head to the Mauritius airport. Get your flight and fly to home.