Best fashion fundamentals that you must collection for Summer


The season of terraces begins, of beaches, of endless evenings with your friends, of trips to recondite places and of course, arrives the dreaded change of closet. Although I am a faithful lover of winter clothes, I love summer, and of course its fashion and fashion brands that is why I want to tell you about Fashion Essentials That You Should Stock Up For Summer that has only just begun.

The bracelets

Each time they are taking more strength this type of accessories in the closet of man. Personally, I like them a lot and more in summer, I consider that they finish a casual look and bring a little more life to your doll. I really like the beads especially with shades that highlight the tone of my skin.

Good sunglasses

Be it the countryside, the beach or the city, sunglasses are another complement when it comes to dressing. They also play an important role in the prevention of diseases in our visual health.


As many of you already know, I declare myself a great admirer of flip flops, many summers ago I decided to say goodbye to traditional sandals and opt for the flip flops of a lifetime. We have all enjoyed throughout our childhood (especially those of us who were swimming) flip flops from Adidas, which have been stepping on the last few seasons. I love big, funny and original logos; I have signed these Lacoste flip flops for this season.

Swimsuits with prints.

It’s time to take the first dip in the sea or in the pool and that’s why we need the best possible swimsuit. Personally, I like the swimsuits with prints and with a lot of color.

Linen shirt

Another trend that has returned to stay are linen shirts. It is fresh and very comfortable to wear both day and night. In summer I like to wear linen garments, this material stands out for being breathable, absorbent designed for long and hot days of summer. It is also a very resistant fabric and its wrinkle is beautiful, so we do not need to iron it when it comes out of the suitcase.


A MUST garment, for my summer wardrobe. They are super practical and perfect for a day of coves or beach. I like to wear shirts that are wider, the theme oversized. That is why I usually use one size more than I normally need, to achieve this effect. Currently always basic shot, I really like those of Zara.

The wicker carrycot

At first glance, it may seem a bit feminine, but I think that in addition to a summer classic is a perfect unisex accessory for everyone. I consider it very functional, aesthetic and very resistant, for excursions.

A good fragrance

Whether winter or summer, I like fragrances chilly, not very strong.

The towel

There is no summer without a brand new towel. These accompany us to the beach, the coves, the pool, etc.