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MBH Advocates provides legal advice in Dubai in all areas that involve family lives. We aid in the formation of family structures that ensure family harmony and settle any conflicts. Our team of experienced lawyers for divorce and family law in Dubai will provide legal guidance on delicate issues like parental custody, divorce or domestic violence, divorce, and inheritance. We promise confidentiality, honesty, and professionalism. best divorce lawyer in Dubai

We aid expatriates to codify family relations, rights, and wills through Shariah. We aid in translating the family’s agreements into legal documents which are following local law. These documents are then easily enforced by UAE courts. We provide families with security in dealing with contingencies such as wills, inheritance, guardianship, and custody.

Family lawyers from our firm can communicate in several languages. We offer legal services which include advice and guidance as well as mediation, representation in court, and compensation. We strive to ensure the highest possible result on behalf of our clients. The divorce attorneys we employ are not simply experts in the field of law. They also have an extensive understanding of family disputes and can assist families in reaching an equitable settlement while minimizing disruption. best divorce lawyer in Dubai

If you have any concerns about family law, us know via our contact us form, email, or call. The family attorneys in Dubai are here to assist you.

Our Family & Divorce Lengel Service in The UAE

A consultation with an attorney

Marital settlements

Separation agreements

Pre-Nuptial agreements

Agreements post-nuptial


Documentation legal

Maintenance and alimony claims

Custody of children

Abuse and domestic violence




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