Bedside table ideas for small space

Bedside table ideas for small space

When you move into a small and cosy place, you might not have space for all your necessary furniture.  For example, a bedside table in your bedroom. Your bedroom might be just big enough for a bed and a wardrobe. However, you have to have a bedside table, to keep your hot cup of coffee in the morning, or the book that you read before you got to bed. It need not be big and traditional, and you can choose a contemporary bedside table for your room. After all, a side table is a must-have item in your bedroom.

Here are a few ideas for the bedside table for small spaces:

Wall mounted side table:

A wall mounted bedside table is contemporary and definitely smaller than a traditional side table, and it also gives an impression of lightness to your room. The space beneath the table can be used to store other things, or if you have under-bed storage then this makes it a lot easier to access it. This also gives your room a modern look.

A big bedside table:

If you have a drawer or chest separately and there’s no space for an occasional table, then you can combine these two pieces of furniture and get a bedside table with drawers. It will not only serve both the purposes but also save space.

Multi-columned wall mounted side table:

This is the best table for small bedroom spaces. You can create multiple columns for storage. The top column for that cup of tea and the bottom for your magazines and bedtime books. You can also use pendant ceiling lights or wall scones instead of a bedside lamp. This not only gives your room a modern look also saves a lot of space.

Multi-purpose bedside table:

We already mentioned another multi-purpose occasional table – a side table with drawers, which combines your bedroom table and drawers into one furniture. There are other things that you can do with your bedside table, and that combines a lamp and a bedside table. The more needs an item of furniture serves, the more space is saved in your bedroom.


If your room is really cosy and you don’t want to use a table that just sits at one place all the time, then you can use beds with stow away bedside. You can use this furniture whenever required, mostly at night, and stow it away during the day time. This is another smart way to save space in your bedroom and also have all the essentials. This design serves you better when there are children in your house.

Alternatives to bedroom table:

Instead of using a side table, you can use a stool to keep your cups and glasses, or books and magazines. It is not always necessary to stick to traditional designs. A bedside metal table/stool will save a lot of space in your bedroom and also give an impression of lightness. It is easily movable, so it can be used for other purposes whenever necessary.