Bald Tyres: Causes, Effects, And Risks

Bald Tyres

You have a smooth and safe drive because of the tyre’s tread. You will observe by looking at your shoes that they have grooved soles. This design of soles ensures proper traction while you walk on the ground. Similarly, tyre tread provides better traction on roads.

Therefore, you must keep your Car Tyres Leeds in good condition. Proper depth of tread pattern shows that your tyres are maintaining proper traction on roads. However, there are other signs of damage as well but in this blog, our matter of concern is only the tread and tread depth.

Measuring tread depth

To have an idea of your tread depth, you have to measure it with some possible ideas.

The first simplest idea is looking at the tread wear indicators. If you can see these wear indicators clearly on your tyres, it means that your tyres are balding.

You also may have a rough idea of the tread depth with the help of a penny coin. Place the coin in the groove. If can see its head, your tyres are balding.

You may have a perfect measurement with the help of a treadwear gauge.

The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6 in the UK. You can drive your car with tyres that are below this legal tread limit.

When your tyres have no tread left or have minimal tread, we will call them bald tyres.

The tread pattern of tyres wears down due to the following reasons,

Heat: It is normal to see treadwear in tyres if they run on extremely hot roads. The heat of the road surface will affect the health of the rubber material. As a result, your tyres will wear out at a faster rate.

Friction: While your tyres run on roads, friction takes place and degrades the rubber material. Friction increases with the speed of the vehicle. If your car is running on the roads at a high speed, the level of friction will increase as well.

Unbalanced and Misaligned Tires: Sometimes tyres and wheels have heavy and light areas to experience unbalancing. Improper wheel balancing is a reason for poor handling and control over the vehicle.

Similarly, wheel alignment is also a vital factor to ensure proper road safety. Your suspension components may wear out to disturb the wheel alignment. Moreover, bad wheel alignment takes place due to potholes and bumps on roads.

Uneven tread wear takes place in tyres due to bad alignment and balancing.

Improper air pressure in tyres: Your tyres do not carry the weight of your vehicle. The air pressure in tyres is responsible for this function. Underinflation will keep the tyre under pressure for a long time. Tyres with underinflation will face wear and tear from both sides.

Similarly, overinflation in tyres will also affect the control and driving comfort. In case of overinflation, the middle of a part of the tyre will wear out quickly.

Poor maintenance of tyres: If you avoid inspecting your tyres regularly, they will wear out gradually and you would not be able to detect the problem at the correct time. Thus, poor maintenance level is also a reason for tread wear.

Symptoms of bald tyres

Your balding tyres will show the following signs:

Visible tread wear bars: We have mentioned this sign above. Nowadays, manufacturers launch their products with tread wear bars. These wear bars are not visible when the tread depth is at the optimum level. You will notice these bars when the tyres will start balding.

Reduced tread depth: Your tyres are balding if your tread depth is going down. In other words, your tread is going down to make the tyres bald.

Risks of bald tyres: If you do not change your bald tyres and drive on the same set, you may face the following results:

Less grip and traction: Your bald tyres will not be able to provide improved grip and traction on roads. Tyres create traction with the help of a suitable tread pattern and tread depth. When the tread part is absent, your tyres would not be able to properly on roads.

Punctures: Bald tyres are prone to punctures. They have a thinner rubber wall. Therefore, a sharp object may easily damage the body of your bald tyres.

Increased braking distance: Bald tyres would not stop your car at an appropriate distance. Tread is necessary to provide optimum gripping power while you use your brakes to stop the vehicle. When the tread is not present, bald tyres will not stop the vehicle according to your expectations.

Finally, bald tyres are not well for your tyres. Whenever you observe the warning signs, buy a set of new Avon Tyres Leeds and improve the performance level of your car once again.