Appropriate Time to Do Things in Dubai!

Desert Safari offers

“What’s the best time to visit Dubai?”

What you want from your holiday depends. Regardless of whether you are looking for sightseeing, hot air ballooning, dune bashing, quad biking, shopping and sunbathing, Dubai has everything. The climate, particularly the humidity and temperature, hotel prices and crowds are a decisive factor in deciding when to visit.

Spring (March – April – May)

Best Time for Beach Fun!

  • Hotel Rates are around medium-high
  • Crowds are medium to low
  • Sightseeing and Outdoors are still excellent in March.
  • Shopping is great indoor and outdoor
  • Beach’s water is warm and the sand is cool and golden.

It’s very doubtful, though, that rain spoils your trip because the rainy days are few or not. Early spring evenings also sometimes get somewhat cold. Sandstorms can happen in March and April, but very rarely in May, though they are not very common. Due to the extreme temperatures around 37 ° C by the end of May, visitors have less time during the season.

The best thing to do things at desert safari

Morning Safari Tour

Early in the morning, about 8 am, morning desert safari tours begin offering a relaxing desert trip. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the outskirts of the city and the entire experience takes approximately 3 hours.

Morning Desert Safari offers the best way to enjoy the desert in melting sunlight and take advantage of events such as dunes bashing. The majesty of the Arabian Desert can be observed in an extremely serene safari. This tour starts before dawn and you can see a peaceful sunrise at the horizon of the desert. The trip will begin at 4.30 am and will take place approximately. 4 hours. Four hours.

Afternoon Safari Tour

Afternoon desert safaris are most suitable for adventure junkies. Those who do not care about the sultry desert heat will enjoy adrenaline racing in sand sports for an excellent time. Spend your day full of sand dunes, quad biking, sandboarding and a lot of spellbinding desert activities. The excursions start at approximately 15:00 and take 6 hours to complete the tour with a delicious Arab dinner and traditional entertainment.

Evening Safari Tour

For those who feel unable to tolerate the stifling desert heat, you may ignore the prospect of adventures and choose an evening tour that starts with a serene desert sunset view and followed by an evening full of culture. A night tour offers you the scenic splendors with Arabic hospitality and entertainment through the Arab Desert. A Desert Tour dinner helps you to spend a peaceful night in a campground themed Bedouin. Such tours start at approximately 4 p.m. and finish in five hours. The overnight tour expands the night to an all-night experience packed with recreations, entertainment, local folklore and fine dining. A desert tour will start at approx. 16.00 and end at the hotel the next day.

Winter (December – January – February)

Best for Shopaholics!

  • Rates of a hotel: February is the cheapest month in winter. Crowd’s rate is high
  • Sightseeing and Outdoor places get crowded. Besides that, it’s a good time for sightseeing and other outdoor tours
  • Shopping, it is a great time for shopping!
  • Beach: Not for the perfect time to enjoy the sun or the sea, but some days possible.

The desert heat is at its lowest, making the outside in the fresh air of Dubai a pleasant experience. Rain, in particular in February, can also be predicted. It does not normally rain in Dubai however for days. It’s more like a fast rain shower. Beach days are sporadic due to the colder temperatures but beach fun most days can be provided. The temperature ranges between 20 and 25 ° C. Often sandstorms happen, so take the necessary precautions.