Analyse the Way for Your Lucky or Unlucky Moves

Analyse the Way for Your Lucky or Unlucky Moves

At some point in time, you must have heard these two statements from someone’s mouth – how unlucky you are or how lucky you are. Well, two women have listened to these statements many times in their lives. The first woman was 42 years, Amanda, who was a forensic scientist. She used to find herself very lucky. She had her dream job.

She had a loving husband to whom she met luckily at a dinner party. She had two lovely kids and was financially fit; she almost fulfilled her dreams. Because of all these things, she used to find herself very lucky in every aspect of life.

On the other side was 27 years old Stacy used to find her very unlucky. A few years back, she used to work for Airlines as a cabin crew where everyone gave her the title of the unlucky person. It is because, at the start of her career, she faced an alcoholic who misbehaved. It is because of such behaviour. The emergency landing was done.

A thunderstorm incident happened on her second flight. Her other flights also faced many issues. Many unlucky things happen in her life, such as getting into the wrong relationships. Whosoever she used to wish her luck, they used to get unlucky. If she wishes to luck someone for an interview, that person used to get rejected, or that person uses to fail in the exams.

They always find themselves at the wrong location and at the wrong time too. It is because of such life experiences, Stacy used to feel that she is unlucky. People who will be around her will also have bad luck. Now these two women and 400 more people who used to find themselves lucky or unlucky.

There’s a research

On such people, Dr Richard Wiseman had researched for around 8 to 10 years. He conducted to find out, like, that some people are lucky like Amanda, who gets things in their lives. Some people are so unlucky that they get disheartened with the results if they consider any particular thing for them.

The doctor started searching for answers to many questions. The research he concluded with an assertion that there are lucky and unlucky. Still, the fascinating fact he came to know that luck has nothing to do with palms (astrology).

There are some reasons for being lucky and unlucky. There are predominantly four reasons. There are four things and four habits which can make anyone lucky. Richard had proven this theory by reaching Stacy. Hence, in this blog, I will be sharing four fantastic principles with the reference of my study.

First thing- Opportunities

Dr. did a straightforward experiment in which he gave the newspaper to lucky and unlucky people. He told them to see the count and tell him how many photos are there in that newspaper. As a result, unlucky people took two minutes on average to count all the newspaper photos. On the other hand, lucky people answered in two seconds. How?

On the second page, something was in writing boldly, especially that stops counting images. There are a total of 43 images in this newspaper. Not only had this, but Dr. has also written in the middle of the newspaper that if you read it and inform me, then.

I will reward you with 25 pounds. Still, unlucky people did not say that. Now, the question comes how lucky people saw that and unlucky people did not. The reason is that lucky people become expert at seeking opportunities. Whenever a lucky person attained a chance, he grabbed it and helped himself out with all duly responses.

Perhaps, unlucky people do not possess this type of inhibitions. They do not perceive the quality of lucky people. The unlucky people spend most of their time in their life with tension and stress. Therefore, they do not feel confident with an opportunity.

Stress and pressure can be accommodating the brainy data. With our unethical mind, we tend to procure things without making many concerns. For example, when we see ourselves in a financial mess, we cannot sit aside and feel too disappointed. Instead, we have to find out some solutions from somewhere. Alternatively, we can apply for loans in Ireland to stable financial conditions.

Lucky people generally live with a peaceful mind. This trait of them helps them to enjoy every opportunity.

Second thing- Turn bad to good

In an experiment, the doctor asks lucky and unlucky people to imagine a scenario. Even I will ask you to do the same. Imagine you have gone to a bank for some work and robbers attack that bank, one of the robbers shoots you. Bullets hit your hand after you have been hospitalised for a week.

If something like this happens to you, will you feel lucky or not? Unlucky people of that experiment said it’s an unlucky incident.

On the contrary, lucky people said that it was fortunate. They said that that bullet would have hit their head or heart. They would go died, but fortunately, it hit their hand, and they able to survive. Some even said that it is a great opportunity to get a holiday from work and with this, they can be famous.


Whenever something happens badly with the people who feel lucky, they would not get upset or retarded.

Sometimes, we tend to develop a sense of vulnerability inside us. We have to ignore this with a sense of self-efficiency. Self-efficiency comes to mind with owning a car, which direct lending can manage.

You can go with car finance with bad credit in Ireland for the same fulfilment.

They feel good and optimistic, thinking that not much worse has happened; they feel better than worst. Such thinking and positivity increase their life expectations and make them feel lucky.

On the other hand, unlucky people consider something bad as the worst thing that has happened to them. They tend to feel that they are going through a mess.

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