Anal Warts – Symptoms And Treatment

Anal Warts - Symptoms And Treatment

The medical condition of anal warts growing inside and around the anus is called condyloma acuminate. It is caused by Human Papillomavirus or HPV virus. A form of genital warts, anal warts is a painless health disorder, yet can be irksome when they grow large enough with itching sensation.


Anal warts accompany certain medical symptoms, starting from small bumps no longer than the head of a pin. In the initial phase, the symptom can’t be noticed because it is too small but eventually turn into a cauliflower-like shape when several warts are clustered together. They can also blend in with the skin color of the patient, and can appear light-brown or peach-colored, or pink.

Additional symptoms of genital warts include – 

  • Uncontrollable itching sensation.
  • Inflammation or bleeding.
  • Sign of change in normal flow of patient’s pee.
  • Looks distressingly unpleasant.

Anal warts treatment

Most people postpone medical attention for anal or genital warts treatment considering they will eventually go away. However, if let unattended for longer, they would grow larger to a point that the affected area will have insufferable itching and bleeding, let alone they would look depressingly uncomfortable.

Generally warts are treated by applying a special cream at a clinic or at home of the patient. Depending on the nature of the problem, laser treatment or surgery could be opted for genital warts cure.

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