9 Tips to Take When Finding the Right Makeup Academy


Becoming a professional makeup artist takes time, effort, and right training. You have to choose the path you want to take in the makeup industry. After choosing the specialization you want, the next step is selecting the right makeup academy for you.

Finding the right makeup training school is similar in selecting a college or university. Location, quality, and degree programs are important considerations. School fees and faculty are next on the list. It can be tough decision but you have to make it. Below are few tips you can apply to yourself when finding the right makeup academy for you and your future career:

– Check the accreditation and affiliations

Ensure that your chosen makeup training school is accredited by relevant professional and authority organizations. It should be affiliated with local agency of educations. In this way, the certification you will receive will be acceptable in your area or even internationally. A certificate from an accredited makeup academy ensures that you’ll be exposed to a better prospect in future career options.

– Choose the right curriculum or program

Your chosen makeup training school should have a complete education under the course you picked. You can either specialize in theatrical, bridal, airbrush, prosthetics, and more. a specialized training is required to become successful in this field. An accredited makeup academy provides training in their various branches of makeup training. It includes nail tech. hair coloring, aesthetics, and alike. Aside from the training itself, the school should focus on the business point of view so you can use the training to fast track your career in a business-centric way.

– Ensure that there are complete facilities

Makeup schools should have facilities and layout just like what you see in real world makeup stores and such. Ask if you can take a tour of the entire school because it will be one of the factors to consider enrolling yourself for any beauty courses.

What should you check out in a makeup training school?

• Cleanliness
• Ambiance
• Classroom seating arrangement
• Comfort
• Good acoustics
• Practical equipment

These factors will help you to learn more and aid in becoming a professional makeup artist.

– Supportive faculty

Aside from the practical equipment and facilities, there should be a faculty that will execute proper makeup education. The faculty must have the complete set of teachers ready to share and teach future professional makeup artists.

– Credentials of the faculty

What to look for in a faculty of makeup academy?

• Has 6 to 12 years of experience in the industry
• Hollywood motion picture and television credit (optional)

These faculty members should be able to provide industry specific evaluation and feedback on assignment. Credentials must be part of your list when choosing a makeup academy.

– Tough school support

A good and tough support system should be provided by your makeup academy. The school provides clear and enough answers to your queries like course curriculum and fees. The support team of the school will make you feel satisfied with your entire requirement.

– Flexible school hours

If you’re enrolling in a makeup school while having part-time work, you need an academy that offers flexible schedule. Others are doing another course so it would be great if there various schedules that will fit to their time. In these situations, a self-paced course is suitable. It will ensure that students can practice at their own pace and learn effectively.

– Student references

You can the registrar with names of students who have been in the academy for two years or at least graduated from two years ago. Speak someone who isn’t a staffer in the school. Talk to graduate students and ask for their experience in school and what happened after graduation.

– Convenient location

It’s always a good option to have a school nearby or can be reached via public transportation without problem. Make a research if there are makeup schools in your area. If there’s nothing, can you consider relocating? It really depends on what specialization and your schedule. Makeup training programs vary in length, so you should decide wisely.