8 Instances This Corduroy Brown Jacket Is A Fashion Savior!


8 Instances This Corduroy Brown Jacket Is A Fashion Savior!

It’s been quite some time that Corduroy has been around, and without a doubt, due to its “unconventionality,” its reputation has its pros and cons. However, it’s one of those lost cousins showing up around summer vacations. Corduroy is renowned for having vertical textured stripes. It makes you look classy, handsome, and ten years younger than your age (aesthetically speaking). People embrace the choice of wearing Corduroy material. Looking at this amazing beauty Yellowstone Kevin Costner Brown Jacket. This is what you need to add to your wardrobe. 

This astonishing attire was spotted in the American drama television series Yellowstone. In the series where John Dutton was found wearing this gorgeous piece of glamour and style while defending his land. However, the inspiring role is played by Kevin Costner, an American actor, director, producer, and musician, who is known for his fashion traits. The cunning actor has a huge fan base following, with many resonating themselves to this stunning-looking attire.

What’s so special about Corduroy?

Let’s talk about the jacket. The exquisite-looking outfit is made out of top-quality Corduroy, which is the vertical texture on the outside. The inner layer of the attire is covered with viscose lining, which provides a warm effect along with comfort. Moreover, the front of the jacket offers buttons for closure along with a quality stitched shirt-style fur collar at the top. The upper consists of two flap pockets at the chest on the outside. And a single pair of pockets towards the inside for carrying your important essentials.

The interesting fact about this exotic piece of style is, it can be worn on various occasions and can make your attire presentable. However, there are eight occasions on which you can style this amazing upper wear on your attire. 

  • Summer Beach Party

Beaches across the country are the ultimate hub for throwing parties. Beaches give a quite pleasant environment, along with ample space to mingle with people. The smell of nature with the sound of water hitting the shore is heaven. It gives you the thrilling vibe of going there at the moment, doesn’t it? There is a summer vibe when you hit the beach party, so it’s necessary to follow the theme protocols. Hence, this blistering jacket would go with your beach attire.

How To Style It

You are invited to a beach party. The first thing you look for is your wardrobe. You will find a pair of slippers or flat open shoes which are more convenient to walk on sand. A three-quarter shorts with a round neck t-shirt or a collar style shirt with the embroidery of leaves. How soothing the combination looks. Therefore, take a dark color, maybe a blue or green-designed t-shirt, along with three-quarter white shorts and a blue pair of slippers. Add this stunning-looking jacket to your attire and rock the party. Be the center of conversation among your peers. 

  • Night Clubbing

style your corduroy

There is nothing better than spending your Saturday night at the club. It gives you those all-out thrills while partying along with your friends. However, for a night out at the club, you need a bashing appearance to resonate upon. Your attire speaks out on your personality on the dance floor. Therefore, the style needs to be on point, and this savage-looking jacket is what you need in your attire. 

How To Style It

The best part about this corduroy jacket is, it goes well in dark, dull colors. It’s the ideal wear for nightclubs. However, you can wear a collar style shirt (it can be maroon, navy blue or black color) along with blue or black jeans and a pair of loafers. Above all, the sassy jacket upon the attire is all you need to shine on the dance floor. 

  • The Countryside Visit

You have to visit the beauty of the countryside. It’s the most soothing place for relaxation. Traveling along the countryside, you need to carry the recommended attire for it. However, people with round hats with blistering jackets come to mind for such regions. Therefore, you need corduroy attire to carry along. It gives you the countryside vibe along with your visit. Above all, the astonishing piece of the jacket gives you the manly mature look on your clothing style. Moreover, you will get all the compliments from the locals out there.

How To Style It

Here is how you should carry the countryside vibe along with your style. Depending upon the weather, you shall wear an inner, sweat t-shirt along with it. The shirt is purple or blue, along with a regular pair of pants, which can be of any dark color (grey or black). However, from the top, you may wear this fascinating corduroy jacket along with your attire. It will be the ideal element of your style. And can go on with another attire you are carrying along with yourselves.

  • Fine Dine Restaurant

You always visit a fine dining restaurant, whether it’s your first date or dinner with your wife. It’s amazing that you wanna bring out your cute stunning look to your dinners. Go for something stylish along with something more pleasant. Your partner for dinner needs to admire you for your appearance, and that is possible with this astonishing-looking corduroy jacket. It gives extra flex to your clothing attire.

How To Style It

yellowstone john dutton jacket style

You have to be presentable for your dinner. Your appearance sets the height of seriousness you take for your dinner date. So theming your whole attire is a major concern. We will share some possible fashion styles you could follow. However, this amazing classy jacket will get along with a dark navy blue shirt, along with trunk brown color pants and blue loafers. The jacket would vibe along, as it would give you a semi-formal look. You can also wear a maroon color shirt along with black pants and brown loafers, giving the ultimate matching along with a blistering brown jacket. 

  • Up To The Hills

This adorable jacket is very handy. For instance, you are planning on traveling the hills or mountains along with your friends. You will need to carry upper wear in your bags. The corduroy jacket is a lifesaver and the perfect addition to your attire. It gets you various different looks on your tour to the hills. It gives an astonishing unique look with every attire you carry along.  

How To Style It

Here is how you can make your attire look stylish with this fancy-looking jacket. Try it with a round-neck white shirt, along with black chinos and brown boots. Moreover, this jacket on this attire will give a dashing look. It’s the most trending style to show off. Above all, try multiple color shirts like grey, dark blue, maroon with a round neck style. Thus, the wearer will get the confidence to carry along the style.

  • Snowy Regions

An exciting way to spend your winters is to visit the areas of snowfall. It’s the most refreshing and relaxing tour you can have. Moreover, traveling on the streets of Washington or Chicago in the winter peaks, this blistering corduroy upper wear is the ideal carrier you need. However, it gives a vibrant, classy look to your attire. Not just with its fashion traits, the protection it gives in such chilly weather. 

How To Style It

Try out some cozy wear along with this sassy-looking jacket. The look goes around wearing thermal inner, blue jeans on black full sleeve t-shirt, black boots along with this savage looking jacket. Therefore, the outcoming of your look will give you the confidence to click memorable images along.

  • Annual Events

Annual events, whether be a corporate office function or any conference to attend. There is a thrill to keep your style intact among plenty out there. You want to get that stare on your attire and the dozen compliments on how classy you are looking.

How To Style It

Wearing formals is no less than making a piece of art. It’s something you have to balance the right color shirt with the right color pants. The neatness and the ironing of the clothes make you look presentable. However, this corduroy-style jacket not only gives that adoring vibe but also protects your upper clothing from getting dirty. A white shirt along, cream color dress pants & coat, along with brown dress shoes need the kick of some glamour with this sizzling jacket.

  • Walk-In The Park

The amazing fact about this jacket is that it adapts its look according to your attire. For instance, on a casual look, it would give you those simple, classy vibes. However, on something formal, it gives you a mature manly look. This dashing piece of attire can be worn for a walk in the park or getting groceries.

How To Style It

Going along the park for a walk? This jacket will make you the center of attraction. However, the fashion instincts prevail with matching the jacket, a dull color half sleeve shirt, a cotton trouser (green would be the ideal color), and blue joggers to the attire. Above all, meeting your date in the park would actually impress her with your glamorous fashion with this sassy-looking attire. 

Hence, fashion has no boundaries. It’s all upon which level you want to take fashion seriously.